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Rec of the day
Culture and Other Balls of Twine by [ profile] LithiumDoll
Gen; characters: team, Fury, Hill, Darcy, Selvig; 17038 words
Summary: “Okay, I realize this could appear to be poorly conceived - to those of limited vision - but what you have to understand is, I’ve actually just had the greatest, most outstanding idea ever.” Tony’s eyes searched heavenward and then he nodded soberly. “Yes, I believe history will consider this my triumph.”

A story featuring, among other things: a road trip, team bonding, giant balls of twine and and Fury being particularly awesome (in a shadowy way).

ION, today I walked across my slackline for the first time. \o/ Only that one time but still, Woot.

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Congrats on the slackline! And I shall now go read your rec.

Gonna span the line again today and see if I can recapture that feeling of balance. I took it to a barbecue the other day and having it set up for hours was great for practice. (And it's always a fun activity; almost everybody wanted to try it, even two girls who happened to sit nearby.)

I kinda figured you'd be a natural at slack lining!

No, it took pretty long to get to this point. It's a lot harder than it looks. I thought the Yoga might help, but nope. People with a background in dancing and gymnastics seem to have an easier time with it.

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