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There's no better alarm clock in the world, than a cat, especially a hungry one.

Our cat needs no reason to wake us. And (sigh) she likes to do it in the middle of the night, too. Though it's our own fault, because we encouraged it. We're now ignoring her and it's already getting better, I think. Night before, she didn't say a peep all night but slept soundly on a pillow next to my head, the little darling. More of that, please!

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Mine tends to wake up when my alarm clock goes off. And expects to be fed right after. Which is especially annoying when I forget to turn off my alarm clock on a free day. She's been known to bug me for over half an hour until I get out of my bed.Admittedly, I don't usually mind, since I do need to get up on time, seeing as how I start working at 6am.

At 6am?! Yikes, that's early.

Way too early. But the restaurant I clean at opens at nine. so we have to be finished by then

I forgot to watch last night. Again. MUST DOWNLOAD THIS ALD ALL THE OTHER EPS I MISSED BECAUSE I ... FORGET TO WATCH TV. (Especially since I'll be going on a 26-hour trip on Saturday.)

Perfect opportunity to catch up!

I'm glad you had a surprise windfall! :)

glad you got something out of that jewelry

Sadly I have no ideas to give you but good luck finding something

I nearly died when Skye did her Melinda May-thing. Everything about this ep was so awesome!

I actualfax squealed when Skye said, "I'm agent Melinda May, with SHIELD."

Me too! And at the "manscaping" exchange I had to pause to calm down.

Oh god, I have watched the manscaping scene like ten times now. The delivery was so perfect!

It was such a team episode, I just want to roll around in it.

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