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Ming-Na Wen has retweeted that fanart of May and Ward I made.

How cool is THAT? Congrats!!!!! I once tweeted Robert Duncan McNeill (Tom Paris) to see whether I could use a picture off his website as cover art for an FFN posting, and he answered within minutes. I walked on air for hours, but this ... is WAAAYYYY out of that league. My fannish heart rejoices for you.

And brett was the one that pointed it out to her!!! So congrats

Someone else pointed it out to her, then she reblogged it, and then he did. I think... twitter tends to confuse me.

Anyway, can I just say that I've never been so glad that I only ever draw PG-rated stuff. *g*

I understand. A few of the stargate actors hit my site and I was like omg... fortunately its all of and under though it is snarky as hell. ( fortunately they laughed)

Yeah, I felt a brief impulse to go through my tumblr and hide all the bodies. It passed after a second but I can now better understand that reaction.

That is awesome! She is clearly a woman of great taste. :)

I saw the tweets and immediately thought it was yours. She is great like that.

I'm not surprised they like it though, your work is always so good.

It was a good idea to sign all my larger pieces with my deviantart account so my name remains attached when the work goes off into the wide world on its own.

Ming-Na Wen has retweeted that fanart of May and Ward I made.

Aw, that's amazing, she seems so cool!

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