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rec(s) of the day
The Unusuals rec:
second squad, this is delahoy, be advised by [ profile] TLvop
Gen; Delahoy & team; rated teen; warning: character death; 1669 words
Summary: Everyone has to die.
Delahoy wishes it wasn't such a big fucking deal.

I almost didn't read this fic but in the end I'm glad I did. A really beautiful story... sad, but bittersweet, and perfectly in character.

and for something happier:
In the Belly of the Bus by [ profile] toucanpie
Summary: A series of snapshots from the team's first few months together.
Gen; characters: Fitz, Skye, Ward, May; Hill, Simmons; G; 3254 words
"If we don't make it out of this alive, then Fitz, I want you to know there's something I always meant to tell you."
"Guys," Grant said. "Guys, it's a training exercise."

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i just love your recs. I enjoy every single one of them - keep posting :)

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