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I have not seen #1 either and since Marvel isn't doing bookstores anymore and I couldn't find it at the comic shop that was miraculously open...

I'm not sure when I would so I'm seeing how people like the issues and if everyone says it's awesome, I'll pre-order the graphoc novel on Amazon.

I do love the kitten as the yin to Lucky's yang, complete with the name meanings. Has anyone said if the kitten is in multiple issues?

According to the lady at the comic shop in town, #1 is on its way. Apparently a two-week+ wait isn't unnormal. Though the store in Hamburg I used to mail-order from always got my Hawkeyes to me within a week.

But as long as I'll eventually get it.

I only know there is a kitten, but no details since I've skipped past all the relevent spoilery gifs on tumblr. I'm twice as excited since I know about the kitten. :)

(I mean, I'm still puzzled when people repost my stuff saying something like "whoever drew this" when my frikking deviantart link is right there on the pic. But whatever.)

Heee, lol. At least you know it's not glaringly distracting and annoying. :D

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