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I have to write and read a short essay for Japanese class and can't think of a topic. Any topic...
*waits for inspiration*

(I did one about Fullmetal Alchemist and that went pretty well. But somehow I don't think my classmates/teacher would be as interested to hear about the Avengers.)

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What about one on haiku? or Japanese creation stories? or Japanese monsters?

......maybe I should take your class.....

Haha, yeah. Myself, I don't know nothin' about haiku or, well, Japanese literature tradition beyond manga (and ever there my knowledge is restricted to four or five titles.)

I'm wondering whether I shouldn't forget the topic of entertainment and write instead about some place I've been to, or about sports I like.

Actually that's not a bad idea, how about your hiking/climbing adventures.

Someone on DW just suggested the same. ;) I think I'll do that for now. When I think of something else, I can always write a second one.

there you go. There's bound to be another assignment

Sounds like a plan to me!

I was also thinking that an essay on climbing could be good.

Another idea might be to write about the benefits of creating fanworks.

Hm, that's an excellent idea. It's definitely something I enjoy talking about. :)


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