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Rec(s) of the day
Festivids is live! Some of my faves so far:

Who Are You, Defenders of the Universe (The Americans)
Music: Who Are You, Defenders of the Universe by The Dears; 3:47
Summary: All's fair in love and cold war.

I've watched this three times already; there's so much happening in these clips, and the pacing is perfect.
(If you've been curious about The Americans: this vid captures the feel of the show really well; check it out to get a first impression! All you need to know is that the show is about two KGB agents posing as an average American family during the cold war. With two teenage kids who have no idea that their parents are spies, or Russian.)

Feeling Good (Agents of SHIELD)
Music: Feeling Good by MUSE; 3:07
Summary: "You're really just asking me to drive the bus?" Agent Melinda May character study.

Dutch (The Wire)
Music: Dutch by Dessa; 3:27
Summary: Stringer Bell, life-ruiner.

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I loved The Americans last season. So well done.

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