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Still don't know what to do with that background for that Wardlok fanart I sketched. I'm stuck 'cause the image that's persistently stuck in my mind makes no sense. (A frikking wilderness? What are these two doing in the wilderness?)

Think I'll sketch something AU for Skyeward week to get un-stuck. Or a few more character sketches, that usually works.

At least I already finished my "to do" item for the day: write those bills I've been avoiding for weeks. So I'm already feeling accomplished.

Btw, side effect of using tumblr a lot: the urge to add meaningless tags like "ugh" on DW where they would clog up my searchable tags pretty badly...

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Hmmm. Plane crash? Or....could you tie it to the wilderness Ward spent time in after Garret grabbed him from prison?

Yeah, I'm thinking I might just draw it the way it looks in my head and mentally set it in the wilderness he lived in. I can always draw a second one with a different background.

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