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This weather sucks. It's been raining all day yesterday and most of today, then the rain stopped and the temperature rose a couple degrees: 20°C, 100% humidity. We were basically inside a giant cloud today. I was out climbing tonight... we had fun but it was so humid. Everything was humidity and sweat and no dry spot anywhere. Even the shoes were slippery. The ropes were so humid that me and my partner were both stuck at the top a couple times and had to pull ourselves down because the ropes had too much friction at the rolls.

I'm expecting a little more from July...

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that sort of stuff is why i hated living in Florida

Hot, humid weather normally doesn't bother me this much but today it wasn't all that warm, just warm enough to make the rain evaporate. Really gross.

I hear Japan is terrible in summer, so hot and humid that your shoes actually start to grow fungus.

It makes me ill unfortunately. Japan might kill me

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