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ElsterOnline - An Odysee
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After several nailbiting weeks I have finally entered all the data in my income tax forms. The site still claims there are some unchecked boxes that need checking but I can't check them because they just don't apply to me. I hope I'll still be able to submit the forms.

I went on to fill out the sales tax form but ended up not doing that because it's not there. It's simply not available at the site. I read in a forum that you can find it if you download the whole Elster program on your computer but there are limits to how far I'm bending over for them.

I called the revenue office to ask where I can find that form, and once again the person I was talking to had absolutely no idea and asked me to call tomorrow when someone with more ken might be there. But, I suggested (okay, ranted) that I'd rather submit it on paper and was relieved when she said, okay, yeah, I could do that.

So I'm gonna try and submit the income tax online to prove that I *tried*, and they'll get the rest on paper. Would be nice if they tried in the future to make this process user-friendly so you don't need a university degree in tax law to do it.

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Are you in the US or UK? If in the US you can do H. R. Block or Terbotax on line free.

No, I'm in Germany. The programs are free but I still don't know what to enter where in some cases. I'm a freelancer, self-employed, that complicates things. I hear it's not that difficult if you're employed but I have... actually just given up. ;) I tried to submit what I had and the program gave me a list of things to fix, and I have no idea how. So I printed the list and added it to my paper forms, and asked them to tell me how to fix it. Also serves as proof that I actually tried. (Oh, how I tried.)

I'm about to drop it in the mail and them I'm wiping my hands of that damn thing.

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