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fanart: SHIELD Noir
For Skyeward Week, AU day. Xposted from tumblr (X)

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SO fabulous, in SO many ways! :-) Love the very noir-ish palette.

Thank you. :) I love it too, it suits my style (plus I love that you don't have to bother with a lot of detail because so much is hidden in the shadows). I have to do more of this! I didn't know that much about noir apart from a bunch of movies I watched as a kid, but I googled around to get a feeling for the style and really love the aesthetic. Should check out a few movies.
Can you believe I never watched Casablanca?

(Man, I hate typing on other people's computers...)

You NEVER watched Casablanca? *stutters* Although it isn't actually a "noir" as much as things like "The Maltese Falcon" or "The Big Sleep".

But -- yes. WATCH CASABLANCA. And "Laura" (my personal favourite).

That's really a great piece!

Thanks, I'm happy with it too.

Aw, lookit her gloves! And his hat! Lovely! C:

Glad you like!
I love the fashion of that period. Very stylish, fun to draw!

Ooo, that's gorgeous! The colours and clothing styles, and the font, evoke noir brilliantly.

(Also, this instantly crossed over in my head with the Peggy Carter tv show that we've promised. Sorry I'm not sorry *grins* )

I'm so looking forward to that show!!!
Happy you like this piece. :)

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