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Today I had a plot bunny for a fic. Maybe not so much a *plot* bunny, more a general idea for a scenario, story structure, and illustrations... the plot being the thing missing at this point, but I think I might be able to derive a plot out of the scenario as such. And it'd be prose fic. I haven't written prose since the first grade, and the thought of having a go at it after all this time fills me with girlish giddiness. (But it'd be illustrated prose; can't completely ignore my roots and besides, the idea I have for the illustrations would fit really well with the setting) [/being totally vague]
vid rec: Failed Experiments in Video Editing
info: Best. AMV. Ever. A humorous escapade into the world of fan made music videos, starring and created by Big-Big-Truck. Funny as hell, and not just for vidders.

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Incredibly funny vid - I lost it at the 'stick to doodling' comment because I went from sketching to vidding too, without about the same level of success :D

I haven't even tried vidding yet. The prospect of digging through several seasons' worth of clips to find the right ones is just too daunting. Plus I have no idea how to go about it, which programs to use. I think I'll stick to comics for the time being... easier to control.

That would be 'level of success' as the character in the vid ;) - I don't think my vidding efforts are quite up to my art standards, and the art always feels more natural, and like you say easier to control.

Don't get me wrong vidding is fun but also can be frustrating.

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Yup, still got the link. It's Trust Me. Good fic, isn't it? I saved a print out myself.

By the way, I'm in the middle of pencilling page 10. It's a tricky page, mostly because I can only break at very specific points, and I have to fit everything between on the one page... but I think I got it working. The crowdedness should actually add to the feel of the scene, if I'm doing it right. fingers crossed.

Taking a break now but I think I'll have it finished tomorrow. Then all that's left to pencil will be the first half of page 11, and that one should be a piece of cake.

Then I'll take care of the bunny, see if I can get it to grow into a story. :)

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If you get back to x-files, above all I can recommend the episodes written by Darin Morgan (most notably "Humbug", "War of the Coprophages", and "Jose Chung's From Outer Space"). IIRC those early eps were still mostly MOTWs, so it's not that important to watch them in the right order. Morgan has his very own brand of humor, his episodes stand out.

So your winter_of_angel fic is the comic? I'm very curious.

With my Smile Time comic I met the deadline for ats_endofdays with the first page only... the last one was half a year late. My record *g*.

Eh, speaking of, didn't get as much pencilling done as I'd hoped today, but on the plus side our apartment is squeaky clean (I couldn't bear the mess any more). Tomorrow I want to finish the final panels, though.

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which will give me another couple months to finish the fancomic for the second day (I signed up for Jan. 26 and also sometime late in March). We shall see.

Yeah, comic is extremely time-consuming. To get a realistic estimate of the time needed I usually double the time I *think* it should take and add a few weeks.

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