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fan art: Bones
I did a quick illustration* of a scene from newscaper's fantastic Bones novel 'Servare Vitas'. (If you haven't already read this story, you can find a complete chapter list here. Or read it at

(The scene in question is from chapter 21)

*The drawing and coloring was quick anyway... processing it on the computer took ages, as my Photoshop Fu is very week indeed.
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Unbelievable! Once again, exactly as I pictured it. She is my new Buffy, you know?

Yup. I mean, those two characters couldn't me more different, but they both do kick ass. (But I'm glad the writers stopped having Brennan randomly roughen up suspects and witnesses as they did in season one.)

You know this circular fandom debate (one of the many) of how there're no popular strong female characters in fandom? Next time I'll point them to 'Bones'.

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