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Neat portrait of SB - as always.

Thanks for sharing this.

What's a livejournal for if not to share the fruits of ones procrastinative efforts...

You make my day with awesome drawings like this!!

Good luck with the book!

Thanks. Fortunately today I saw that my deadlines are not as close as I thought, so I decided not to freak and enjoy the free time instead. The weather here is gorgeous, after all. (Well, probably much the same as where you are, come to think of it.)

Yeah the weather is really good here, unfortunately I have to be carefull because I get "sun-allergy" :(

Where abouts in Germany are you?

Where abouts in Germany are you?

I'm in Münster... about an hour from Enschede. Where in Holland are you? (I know only Enschede and Amsterdam, basically... and of Amsterdam mostly the airport, though what I saw of the city center looked interesting.)

I am in Groningen, that's in the north of the country little less than an hour from Leer (if you know that)It's a university city (the only one in the North)and I kinda stuck around after finishing. I sometimes travel via Leer and Münster when I am going South to visit the bf.

Amsterdam is a cool city, but I don't go there very often.

Great likeness! I saw a pic of DB jogging shirtless yesterday and immediately thought of you.

(I want to go buy springtime house stuff. But my conscience bit me, so here I am working dutifully too.)

Jogging? Shirtless?? o_O

so here I am working dutifully too.)

Well, I have officially given up for today. I'm doing fan art now.

Um, speaking of... someone on fanthropology was looking for fan comics, so I pimped mine, Yoon's and your Torchwood cartoons. And I just saw that the post got metafandomed... just so you don't wonder when you suddenly get a bunch of comments. I hope it's okay that I linked them.

(I'm rather thrilled myself, because I never knew where to post my X-files stuff, and I just got some feedback from x-philes. :))

Jogging shirtless. That dude has a seriously nice bod, wow. It was over at ONTD... yes, fine, I look at ONTD sometimes! I'm a sleeze! Sob.

Hm... I don't think anybody's come over from metafandom. I made cookies, too. ;)

So nice. Ah, the hotness of Seeley Booth.

Thanks! And thanks for those pictures... mighty easy on the eyes, those. I love that last one in particular. He looks like he's totally playing for the camera, doesn't he.

wow, that really does look like him... as always, I'm awed by your talents :D

Thanks, terilyn, glad you like!

Excellent (and very attractive) sketch. It's never a good idea to suddenly give up drawing Booth coffee, as it results in withdrawal and headaches or so I've heard.

That is very true. Only in my case it's tea, not coffee. And I've already drawn another Booth. *g*
*sips tea*

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