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I was trying to concentrate on work this morning, and out came this sketch of Booth instead. It's like the one time I was standing in line with a friend, getting something to drink, and she was like, "I really should drink less coffee. I drink, like, three liters a day. So I'll have a juice or something now. I won't have coffee, 'cuz it's just not good for me. Coffee, please!"

It would help my motivation if I actually had the layout for the book I'm working on and not just the script. I already sketched most of the important scenes that I feel have to go in and now I'm considering just putting it aside until I get the layout in a few days... more efficient than sketching around and risking having to redo whole scenes later. Only, I don't feel like I can take time off with a clear conscience. Whatever time I take off now I'll have to make up for later.

Huh, I think I just talked myself into getting back to the drawing board. Cool.
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I am in Groningen, that's in the north of the country little less than an hour from Leer (if you know that)It's a university city (the only one in the North)and I kinda stuck around after finishing. I sometimes travel via Leer and Münster when I am going South to visit the bf.

Amsterdam is a cool city, but I don't go there very often.

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