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Creature (Double) Feature: a Stargate Atlantis comic
This comic was originally tailored for the Stuck on you challenge over at flashfic, but I have at least four more pages to go, and the deadline is *arrhemh* tomorrow? So that's not happening. I actually had the flash of the image this is based on right before that challenge was issued, but only recently got an idea what to do with it. [eta: originally posted as WIP, now complete]

Summary: A tale of mystery, intrigue, alien critters!
Spoilers: set in early season four
Disclaimer: fan art, unauthorized & not for profit.

Media: a merry mix of pencil, ink, watercolor, ecoline, acrylics, and Photoshop.

Many thanks to rheanna27 for beta'ing the comic and particularly for helping me with my technobabble, also to sholio for script beta. Thanks to patk and Marta for help with Zelenka's Czech.

General question: When reading web comics, do you prefer them printer-friendly, or do you only read them on-screen? I'm considering posting this not in the traditional comic book page format, since that format comes with a lot of limitations that really don't make a lot of sense in this medium - unless readers actually like to print out the artwork. Any input on this would be really helpful. [eta: thanks, everyone, that answers my question :)]
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Oh Astrid WWWWWWOOOW. This looks great. Amazing artwork! Wonder how they'll catch the little bugger!

(as to your question, I would need to see how a printed version would come out on my (new *g*) color scanner / printer / copier at the office - I don't have a printer at home, so right now it's on-screen reading only).

so right now it's on-screen reading only
Cool, thanks.

Wonder how they'll catch the little bugger!

Hee. I'm looking forward to drawing this stuff. I really missed having a comic to draw.

Really super! I am used to the comic book format so that is what I know but I don't print so web format works for me as well.

Don't stop, whatever format. I want to read the next chapter!

Excellent, thanks.
Definitely not gonna stop :)

*drops to the ground and bows to the power of your talents* This is stunningly wonderful.

As for the format question, I'm can't really say which would be better but whatever allows you to continue to display your talent and astounding level of skill with the fewest frustrations to weigh on yourself.
I know for sure I will be saving this one along with whichever format you chose to continue the telling this story.

:BLOWNAWAY: Looks incredible, Astrid!

I like the traditional comic format. It's a skill/craft fitting it into the panels, but don't know what the web format you're thinking of would look like, so that may be totally awesome, too.

I've never watched SG, but will avidly follow this WIP :-)

Yay :)

I like the traditional comic format. It's a skill/craft fitting it into the panels,

Yeah, it's definitely tricky: a beat every couple panels, plus, you can't really have any big reveals at the end of the (double) page because the reader can spot those at the first casual glance.

Anyway, I'm thinking, if I disregard print format (and it looks like I can because very few people print them) I can break between scenes instead of pages. I'm eager to try that out.

I've never watched SG, but will avidly follow this WIP :-)

I shall try my best to drag you into SG :)

Great likenesses and terrific effects. Love the storytelling, too!

I like the way you did the gate -- it really looks otherworldy and somehow apart from the plane inhabited by the characters.

I like the way you did the gate -- it really looks otherworldy and somehow apart from the plane inhabited by the characters.

That's Photoshop, of course. So great for the effects. And a friend just showed me how to make speech balloons in PS. Well, *after* I'd already done them in PSP and imported them... but it'll come handy for the next pages. I spent an ridiculous amount of time on making those balloons.

Hee! I love it. Funny and cute and I adore how the last four panels work together. Can't wait for more.

Oh, and I don't print out, so any format is fine for me.

Great, thanks! Looks like most folks don't print so I can use a less rigid format.

I love its little musical voice! And I don't print, so no format preference for me.

Cool, thanks. (I like the little critter's voice, too :)

OMG! This is adorable! I love the little guy's musical voice - I can just hear it in my head. And the team is perfectly in voice, down to Teyla's lack of contractions. LOL! I love the artwork and like L said, the way those last four panels fit together is brill.

I don't print out web comics; I read them online and if I like them I save them to my hard drive. I'd actually like to see a more web-friendly format. Is this page done in traditional comic book format, or for web only?

Web only, that's why I'm thinking of ignoring the usual break after every page and use a less rigid format. Before I've used the comic book format as a default... one is just so used to it. But it really doesn't make all that much sense online.

Actually when I sketched the Smile Time comic I tried 3x4 briefly - screen format - but that felt just clunky, I couldn't layout in that format.

I LOVE this and will read it in any format you care to post it in!

I simply love your drawings! :)

Wonderful start...looking forward to more!

I tend only to read onscreen...

Very cool - can't wait for the next part! In whatever format. :-)

Oh, this is gorgeous! And hee, only Rodney! I do print out favorite panels from webcomics for my corkboard.

And hee, only Rodney!

Indeed. I figure, if someone gets stuck with an oversized rat on their leg, chances are it's Rodney. Well, Sheppard did have that bug encounter...

The artwork is fantastic, I loved the 'escape' along the bottom of the page; and I'm happy to go along with whatever format is easiest for you to do :)