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[fanart] Muppet: Atlantis
My second artwork for paintedspires... like I could resist that prompt. :O)
Title: Muppet: Atlantis
Rating: G
Prompt: Muppet Atlantis! (thanks to strivaria)
Medium: drawing & manipped background
Character(s): team, Atlantis cast, Wraith guest star

image behind the cut...

"Oh, look… we have studied devices like this for years and at some point ultimately you just have to turn it on."
Dr. Lee, "Avalon II"

Muppet!icons (snaggable; credit in keywords)

[eta, upon request:]

Notes:I like to play my crack straight so my idea was to put our guys in a photoshopped background, give the whole thing the look of 'manipped screencap'. I quite like the result but it would've been so much easier to draw the background from scratch. (There was much cursing.) Maybe there's a way to speed up the process, I just haven't found it yet. The idea of combining photoshopped caps with drawings still intrigues me even though I remember, at the time, saying something like 'shoot me if I ever try this again'.
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(Deleted comment)
It's funny how even a Wraith looks cuddly-cute once you turn him into a muppet. :)

Heeeeeeeeeeeeee! That is so adorable! I love them all so much but John's Muppet hair is spectacular and Muppet!Todd is wicked awesome. Wonderful stuff!

Thanks. Teh Hair even looks good on a muppet...


These are great, they remind me of the Angel muppet in style. Though somehow Teyla looks a bit less muppet-like than the rest of the team, I think it's because her nose looks less pasted on, and more like a cartoon nose? Still, awesome! (I now kind of wish SGA would do a muppet episode...)

These are great, they remind me of the Angel muppet in style.

*G* My first piece of Angel fanart was the post-ep Smile Time comic. So my muppets are pretty heavily influenced by classic Muppet!Angel.

Teyla, yeah, I know. She stands out and I haven't really figured out why. Well, her coloring is also brighter than the others' because I tinkered with her for a while, while all the guys took very little time. Don't think it's the nose, Keller's nose isn't pastede on either. Maybe the eyes? I might try again at a later time - I couldn't get Keller right on first try and then, when I was idly sitting on a train without any screencaps around, I doodled this Muppet!Keller here in minutes.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks. I had so much fun drawing these little guys.

Wow! I don't have the words for how awesome this is! The icons are fantastic and I loved your idea of manipping that scene into a screencap. I hope you crack that one because I'm sure the results would be awesome.

Oh god, this is amazing and hilarious and just priceless.

Thanks! I saw the prompt and immediately thought 'mine mine mine'. *g*

OMG that's awesome.

I'm snagging Teyla, will credit :D

They are adorable, all of them (but I think I love Ronon and his awesome brows most).

I love the muppet!Wraith, looking at his muppet-fied hand, all "Well, damn, this isn't gonna work."

These are lovely, lovely, lovely.

I especially like Teyla and Sam... but then that's because I especially like Teyla and Sam! :-)

Eeeee! So cuuuuute! Ronon laughing it up in the main picture is my favourite bit *g*
I love the icons best - Rodney's muppet hands,Sam's tongue and look of conccentration, John's hair, muppet!Radek. Todd makes an excellent muppet *is slightly disturbed*.

YOU ARE A GENIUS!!!! Bwaa ha ha ha ha ha choke gasp snort cough ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Oh, I think I hurt myself.....

That is awesome in every way. I love Ronon's open muppet mouth and the fact that Rodney and John are so Burt and Ernie. Hahahhahahaha.

They really got that look. Hee.
Hey, where's your Ronon icon from?

I totally love you! ♥ :)