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comic: The Long Way Home, by Rheanna and Astrid
Two weeks ago during my week off, I was sitting in my freshly painted room, feeling vaguely restless, and realized that I really missed having a comic to work on. So I emailed rheanna27 and asked if she would be interested in collaborating on one. Luckily for me, she was, and a couple of days later she mailed me a kick-ass script. :o) Seriously, I'm so excited about illustrating it that I have to practically tear myself away from it. Page one is finished and posted below... the other eight pages are already sketched and I really hope it won't take me that long to update. [eta: now COMPLETE]

Title: The Long Way Home
Author: rheanna27, Artist: astridv
Rating: PG
Characters: team (gen)
Spoilers: Set in season five; no specific spoilers.
Thanks to counteragent for script beta and jennytork for the summary.

Summary: Lost in a nightmare world, can the Team find their way home?

(and won \o/)

[eta: rheanna27 has posted the script for this comic and some behind-the-scenes musings over at her LJ, for those interested in the process of making comics.]


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OH SNAP. That's not good!

Love the color, the landscapes, and the proverbs made me snicker. Can't wait for more!

OH SNAP. That's not good!

As Rodney would say, "We're so screwed!"

I'm pleased you like it!

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