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sticksandsnark Art: The Woods Are Haunted, Dark And Deep for less_star
For less_star, I went with prompt #2: h/c (I'm especially fond of Rodneywhump, but anything goes)


Wow! This is gorgeous. I love that the details get murkier in the background and the mystery animal eyes! And Teyla takin' charge with the P90 o,f course ;)

This is awesome. I love how they huddle together and how protective Teyla is of Rodney.

I enjoyed drawing Teyla in full-on protective mode.

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omg, that's absolutely amazing and gorgeous!

I'm happy you like it. :o)

(Btw and before I forget, regarding the handmade thing... I think I still don't have your last name, just first name and addy?

Eeee, love it! The blood and the darkness and Teyla is so very protective, with the gun and the arm over his shoulder. And their sprawled positions are perfect, they look desperate and exhausted and cold (hope John & Ronon are hurrying to the rescue!)

(hope John & Ronon are hurrying to the rescue!)

It's my 'verse so of course they are! :)

*dolphin noises* Wow! Just wow! With, with the snow, and fire, and his poor leg, and Teyla's arm around him. Oh, oh, and ominous gleaming eyes in the background. You are amazing, thanks a million.

Yay, I'm so happy you like it! I jumped on that prompt because it had just then occurred to me that I hadn't drawn any whump yet in this fandom (or any other). I could now rectify that. :) I had a lot of fun with this prompt, particularly with the coloring. I plan to do a lot more in this style now.

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And then Rodney asked Teyla, if she knew about sexual healing? and it was theirs only chance for not freezing to death.

*g* You mean, teh healing sex™! Alas, the story plays out slightly differently in my head.

Oh, poor wee Rodney! I'm so glad he has Teyla protecting him!

I have a feeling, so is he... :)

Awwww, I love this. Poor Rodney, that wound on his arm looks nasty.

Oh, I love this! I love their postures, and Teyla so protective, and oh, the eyes in the dark!

Thank you! And thanks so much for organizing this thing-a-thon, I had a lot of fun both contributing and reading!

Oh, that is fantastic, with the glowing eyes in the murk, and the path in the snow where they mostly-dragged to the tree, and Teyla with the protecting and Rodney with the hurting! Wonderful.

Thank you, I'm happy you like it. :)

Wow! That's just awesome! I love the attention to detail.