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Stargate Atlantis: The Mobile
As my handmade meme thing for trystings, I made a little mobile. It's got a Wraith dart. And a little puddlejumper. With a little Shep. I had the idea to turn my backup scans into a cut-out sheet so people can make their own mobile. Many thanks to Trystings for letting me share her meme-thing here. :)

So, the final result looks like this...

Step 1:
Print or xerox the sheets below onto cardboard. (200g paper, for those of you who're metric... for those who aren't, it's a light cardboard. It should be heavier than normal paper (which is ~90g), otherwise the objects will be too light.))


Step 2: Cut'em out and glue the front and back sides together.

Step 3: Find something to hang them on. You can get mobilé kits with little wires (like in the picture) in an arts&crafts store, they don't cost much.

Step 4: That's the fun part. Take some yarn and tie the objects to the wires like in the pics below. (It's a bit tricky at first to balance it out.)

Something like this:

Voilà, mobile!
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what a great idea - it looks really good!

This is AWESOME. Thanks for sharing the directions!

You're welcome! I had a lot of fun making this.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks. ^^ I'm almost tempted to make another one for myself to keep...

That's really cool! Thanks for sharing this!



Wow! You are amazingly talented!

This looks great against the black background, with the parts' shadows fading into it. That really gives it an impression of space.

I took about two dozen pictures; the thing really looks completely different in each one.

That is just insanely cool. Wow. Looks absolutely gorgeous. *plots visit to craft store*

*plots visit to craft store*

Heh. I must say, it's really fun to put this thing together. Brings out the inner child. :)

(Deleted comment)
I am constantly amazed by this fandom and its glorious creative endeavours.

That's just what I said upon discovering this fandom!

I ♥ you so much for this

very cool! thanks for sharing your directions and scans with us!

'tis my pleasure. :) I had much fun assembling it so I really wanted to share it.

The stargate! eeeEEEEEE! How awesome!