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SGA fic/vid recs - main list, Part III

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part III last updated March 2010. Most recent recs to be found under the tag fic_recs:sga.

About 100 more recs. Sorted by length. A lot of gen (mostly team, also character-centric: Rodney, Jennifer, Ronon, Teyla, Aidan, John). Also McShep, Rodney/Teyla, Rodney/Jennifer, and Sam/Rodney. (As to these last three pairings, I'm always looking for recs myself!)

note: Should you happen to comment on a story featuring Jennifer Keller or McKeller... please, for all that's good and holy, don't use that opportunity to share your thoughts on how much you normally dislike those in canon. I only mention it because people keep doing it, and it's really grating for those of us who like the character or pairing on the show, to get comment after comment dissing them. I don't want my recs to contribute to that.

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novel length (> 45,000 words)

The Sacrificial Mage by taste_is_sweet
McKay/Sheppard; Teyla/Kanaan; background Weir/Zelenka; R; magic!AU; 65,000 words
Summary: Magic was a substance, like fire or water. It was abundant and incredibly powerful and could be manipulated with the correct application of knowledge and will. But if you didn't use it properly, you'd be immolated or drowned. Or worse: other people would be, and you'd be forced to watch it happening. That was why it terrified him to see the casual, unthinking way Teyla and Carson used magic, because he knew that someday they'd be forced to pay for what they'd taken. Every wizard would, sooner or later. It was the first thing mages ever learned, and Rodney had lived it.

Magic was a zero-sum game. If you didn't sacrifice as much as you were given, you would lose.

I spent a considerable part of yesterday reading it, and a good day it was. :)
The story sucked me in immediately and I had no trouble at all seeing the characters just belonging in this universe. I love how it's original and still SGA through and through. The worldbuiling is really effective, very vivid! The story is told through the eyes of Rodney, who knows that magic comes at a price and is willing to pay it. John's fate is mysterious and intriguing. All the other characters translate into this story really well too, every one of them. Gripping plot with moments that are tense, and heartbreaking, and funny, with gradually unfolding backstory (<-- major narrative kink)... I could not put this story down once I started reading.

The Magical Number Seven (Plus or Minus Two) by general_jinjur
gen; PG; Ensemble; AU; 61,155 words
Summary: This is a treatise on the nature of identity, and the interrelation of legitimacy and memory. Which is to say, it's mostly about John Sheppard, and how he found his way home. Also, there's a high body count, and Kraft Dinner is an exotic delicacy.

This story takes two 'what if' scenarios: 1) They don't get all of their memories back in 'Tabula Rasa' and 2) The copies of Weir and the team aren't killed in 'This Mortal Coil'. Each of these would make an interesting fic, but woven together, wow. This story is so original to read; it reinvents the 'verse, turns it inside out. And it tells so much about the characters, stripped off their memories... once you lose your memory, what part of yourself is left?

Whipping Boy by skinscript
gen; PG-13; 45,754 words
Summary: McKay, Lorne, and three teams of Marines head out on a research mission to a planet on the edge of the galaxy, and disappear without a trace. Eight months later Lorne returns with two injured team members, a counterfeit McKay, and no explanations. What the hell happened eight months ago, and where's McKay?

why rec'd: First off, the title of this fic is perhaps misleading... this isn't a woobie slave fic, it's a sci-fi story with a plot that gradually unravels its mysteries so that at any point in the story you just can't wait to see what's coming next. I took the printout anywhere I went so I could keep on reading. This is a good SGA fic, it's also good science fiction. There is some great world-building; the alien society in this story is fascinating (and scary as hell!)

Long Ago (And Far Away) by everybetty and kristen999
Gen; PG-15; John, Rodney, Ronon, Teyla plus supporting and OCs; AU; Words: 90,000- with over forty pictures (posted in ten chapters)
Summary: WWII-based AU. The Team as we know it has been transplanted to the South Pacific. Major John Sheppard, his navigator, Lt Rodney McKay, and his gunner, Sgt Ronon Dex, are stationed on the island of New Guinea on the eve of the island nation’s greatest battle. Native friend and sometime spy, Teyla Emmagan, aids the efforts against the Evil Axis powers.

This is a thoroughly researched historical AU that manages the balancing act of transplanting our four core characters into the pacific WWII setting while staying true to them as well as to that time period. This story feels so real, I imagined I could hear the jungle inscect buzzing around my ear. The scenes of the air battles are really gripping but the war isn't glorified, and the violence doesn't feel gratuitous, instead rather hard to read at times. I felt that the way the action/adventure plot takes place in front of the setting of the pacific war is handled very sensitively. All the voices are fantastic, but for some reason I particularly love the way Ronon is written. And there are a number of OCs who are crucial to the plot, but I don't want to spoil anything.

This story is quite long and requires a bit of spare time and it's not exactly happy escapist reading, but oh, it's so worth it!

Desert Orkids by tipper_green
gen; Rating: PG; team, with an emphasis on McKay; action-adventure; 103,304 words
Summary: Despite themselves, the Atlantians find themselves caught up in the mystery and politics of a desert world, a place where, if they dig too deeply, they could end up buried alive.

Great world building in this one; one of Tipper's strength is writing alien societies and settings and engaging original characters, each with their own agenda. Great plot, too... mystery, action, Ancient technology, and political intrigue. Our team get to play detectives. But who's playing them?

Black Helicopters at Dawn by whizzy
McShep UST; R; AU; 64,000 words
Summary: Screw the bet. Rodney was going to prove the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence. Oh, and incidentally, he might just catch the United States Air Force with their pants around their ankles.

Rodney McKay left his contract job with the Air Force on not-too-good terms and is now living in the middle of nowhere, northern BC, scanning the skies for signs of alien life (and snarking via internet with Radek). One day his satellite dish picks up a signal from a craft crashed in the woods...

This is a really interesting AU, with conspiracy theories and an underlying sense of paranoia... seen from Rodney's view, the Air Force and the SGC don't appear in the best light. I love all the technical detail in this fic. Rodney gets to be a physicist and prove his skill and ingenuity. Also very intriguing is the way the relationship with John is written... but I don't want to spoil too much so I'll shut up now. :)

Black Mountainside by whizzy
Sheppard/McKay; UST; R; 66,000 words; AU, Series: Black Helicopters

Whizzy wrote another novel-length fic in her 'Black Helicopters' AU, in which the SGC exists but Atlantis hasn't been discovered yet, and our protagonists' lives have followed different paths in the past. This sequel is every bit as captivating and so well written, I was on a right fic-high after finishing it. :)

This has become one of my favorite Stargate AUs. (I suggest to read Black Helicopters at Dawn first, but I think this story could be read on its own as well.)

Never Stop Moving by tipper_green (or read it in chapters on
Gen; Rating: T; Characters: Team, though Teyla is the heart; action/adventure, h/c; 83,404 words
summary: Chases, explosions, head wounds, twisted ankles, damaged ships and a desert serve as the backdrop to a rescue mission that doesn't quite go as planned. In other words, a typical Atlantis mission o' mayhem. Team Fic.

Where to start... this fic's got it all: Plot and fast-paced, nerve-wrecking action, wonderful team interaction, and most of all a terrific-written Teyla who is the heart and center of this story.

The story is pretty long but it's so action-filled that it just flies by - I was surprised when I saw the word count.

Born in the Barrens by rhymer23
gen; AU; Sheppard&McKay mainly; adventure; h/c; Rating T; Warning: mentions of torture in flashbacks (though nothing overly graphic); Length: 60,000 words
Summary: While on a mission to the city of the Genii, Rodney McKay, master alchemist, is given a gift of a slave.

Rhymer creates yet another fascinating AU, and I love her version of the characters (particularly Rodney... brilliant alchemist, reluctant hero, arrogant, socially clueless and very lonely). When the story ended, I didn't want to leave that universe. I'm already crossing my fingers for a sequel, since the set up for one is there! This story isn't open-ended though... it comes to a satisfying conclusion, but at the same time leaves room for more stories.

On the Wings of an Eagle by rhymer23
gen; PG; historical AU; 50,000, plus 6 pictures
Summary: It started with a man crashing into a herb garden. Soon a misfit band of four exiles are caught up in a wild ride of sword fights, sewing, rescue missions, shopping trips, high treason, lute-playing, changing the face of scientific knowledge forever, the imminent risk of hideous death, and comfits.

Among the Stars by nottasha (entire story in one file)
gen; PG; team; whump (Rodney); 54,142 words
summary: The team is searching for Gates to harvest and comes across a space station that was set up to record a supernova.

I really enjoyed this! Great plotty teamfic - and one of the few Atlantis fics I've read that are set entirely in space. I thought the descriptions of the station and the vastness of space work really well.

long/multichapter fics (15,000 - 45,000 words):

Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by sholio
Jennifer/Rodney; PG-13; Characters: John, Jennifer, Rodney; action/adventure, h/c, drama; post S5; 33,000 words
Summary: John is dealing with his teammates' love lives just like any other emotional issue: by ignoring the situation and hoping it goes away. But when a mission gone wrong traps John, Rodney and Jennifer a thousand feet beneath New Lantea's ocean -- injured and out of touch with Atlantis, with the clock running down and a mysterious enemy in pursuit -- they're either going to have to work out their differences ... or die trying.

After reading the first few pages I realized that I'd been waiting for just this: a story that acknowledges and untangles the changes in the characters and their relationships. This story was practically begging to be written and I'm so happy it found a writer who does all the characters justice. All three characters get their spot in the limelight, and even though this is a Jennifer/Rodney fic, this story is at heart about John and Rodney's friendship... about the three of them figuring out how to deal with the shifts in their relationships.

No doubt, three of the most socially awkward people on Atlantis would have a hard enough time with that without being trapped and hunted by zombies...

If You Wrong Us, Shall We Not Revenge? by Jem
Gen; PG-13, possibly R (for violence); Characters: Bill Lee, Jeannie, Teyla, Rodney; 30,000 words
written for sga_genficathon, Prompt: Artificial Intelligence
Summary: Bill just couldn't leave her like that . . . but enlisting Jeannie Miller's help was a mistake. A mistake, because McKay was definitely going to kill him when he discovered the mess—well, mortal danger—Bill had gotten his sister into. Yeah. He was definitely a dead man. As soon as he managed to escape himself, that is. Of course, Bill really needn't have worried, because Jeannie, her brother, and Teyla were a little distracted by body swapping and explosions and terrorist attacks and the terrible question of what, exactly, constitutes human rights . . .

This is a really intriguing story that combines an engrossing plot and excellent characterization with ethical and philosophical musings... Science-fiction of the best kind. (Check out Jem's other fic as well; s/he's an amazing writer.)

Home by linziday
gen; PG-13; spoilers for Sunday; Rodney, Carson, John, Ronon, Jennifer; Words: 36,376
Summary: After an accident with an Ancient device, McKay starts seeing Carson. Everyone thinks he's nuts. Until they see Carson, too.
Why rec'd? I just read this fic for the second time - luckily I'm forgetful when it comes to fanfic plots and endings - and it occurred to me that I haven't rec'd it yet! This is a really enjoyable story with fun, suspenseful plot. Gotta love those Ancients and their devices they left scattered around the place. With spot-on character voices and little details of Atlantis, it reads like an episode. I love the portrayal of Rodney's and Carson's friendship... I was really getting a feeling just how much Carson meant to Rodney (actually more so than when watching 'Sunday').

Blind Justice by sholio
gen; T; Elizabeth, Rodney, John; Spoilers: Season 3 through Common Ground;
Summary: He touched something he shouldn't have, and it killed him. But that's not the end, not when you have friends willing to drag you back. (~16,000)

This fic is in Elizabeth's POV and it would be worth reading for her portrayal alone... her character is really done justice - she is smart, not hesitant to do what needs to be done, and one sees how deeply she cares. I also really like how Rodney and John's characters are explored here.

And the ending just made me grin. You'll see why when you read it.

Galatea by purna
team with bonus McKay/Sheppard, various other characters make an appearance; PG; ~15,500 words
inspired by the episode "Be All My Sins Remembered," and contains major spoilers for that episode
Summary: An accident on the Apollo reunites the team with an old friend.

Fantastic sci-fi story, fast-moving and complex, that picks up several dangling plotlines and unanswered moral questions and very elegantly weaves them together.

The Long Star Mile by Blue Shadowdancer / frith_in_thorns
gen; PG-13; Characters: Mostly Rodney and John, some team; ~26,000 words
Summary: There is a lot of space between the stars, and it's a lot of space to be alone in. Injured, McKay and Sheppard are just trying to get home, but the galaxy isn't a kindly place...
why rec'd: This is a really enjoyable friendship fic with suspense and action; well-written and with great character voices.

Remorse by michelel72
Gen; PG; AU of "48 Hours"; Characters: Rodney plus Sam, Daniel, supporting SG-1; 18,500 words
Summary: The truest punishment Sam knows is guilt … and she knows McKay doesn't feel that. Yet.

I love stories that explore the way Rodney's character evolved over the course of both series. This story uses one of my favorite story tropes to do that - Rodney finds himself in the body of his past self - and it explores that premise in really fascinating ways. It all feels very *real*. You get drawn into Rodneys head, and feel at times as trapped there as he does. The story gripped me completely. Not to miss!

The Black Lake by tipper_green
gen; team plus Keller; Rating: K+; action/adventure; h/c; ~27,740 words
Summary: Things go belly up (because they always go belly up) on a rescue mission to save an SGA team stuck deep underground and running out of air.

Why rec'd: I was squeeing when I saw this posted, because, well, action-adventure teamfic-plus-Keller is one of my favorites. And I wasn't disappointed... this story put me in a great mood.:)

This was written for sga_genficathon for the prompt The journey of a thousand miles sometimes ends very, very badly, and it's a great, creatively literal take on the prompt. The setting feels genuinely alien and very scary; there's a constant sense of danger that makes for a gripping read. I love the characterization; particularly Teyla and Jennifer get to shine (but the guys get plenty of airtime, too). The dialogue could come right out of the show, it's spot on.

The ATA Affair by xparrot
gen; PG-13; AU; characters: team, various SG-1 and SGA cast in supporting roles; ~26,000 words
Summary: Written for sga_genficathon. Two of the S.G.C.'s top secret agents, Teyla Emmagan and Rodney McKay, are sent to the Casino Atlantis to investigate the suspicious business dealings of John Sheppard...
Why rec'd: This story is great fun! A fascinating Spy!AU that's plausible in itself, with pitch-perfect characterizations and gripping plot. Rodey and Teyla make a great team, and Ronon and John are quite mysterious. I love how it all plays out in the end. I'd read more in this verse!

Waiting For My Real Life To Begin by toomuchplor
NC-17; Pairings: McKay/Keller, McKay/Sheppard; 25,929 words
Summary: It had changed so gradually with Jennifer, was the thing. Rodney couldn’t pick a moment when he’d felt the balance shift from “this is fucking awesome” to “wow, I’m really middle-aged”.

For months I've been shying away from stories with that particular pairing combination because I've read just one too many that did the most hideous things to Jennifer's characterization. But this story is safe for the Keller fan (unless they're at work. Worksafe, not so much.)

A joy to read... both for Rodney's exciting, sexually-adventurous-but-challenging relationship with Jennifer, and the quit, slowly building, middle-aged one he has with John. Good characterization all around, fair treatment of all the characters, believable relationships, and an interesting plot... I had a great time reading this.

Where the White Lilies Grow by rhymer23
gen; PG; AU; 44,400 words
Prompt Clarke's Law (i.e. "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic")
Summary: People tell stories about the wonders of the Time Before. They tell stories, too, about magical creatures with long, fair hair, who emerge from the hill and can turn you to dust in an instant. But John Sheppard has never been one to believe in stories...

In the Hollow Tree by ishie
Rodney/Teyla; PG-13; 16,000 words
This one is a total AU that features Rodney and Teyla as a married couple who investigate supernatural phenomena. (Other Stargate characters make an appearance, too.) It's a plotty action/adventure/monster story, and it's a lot of fun to read. Apart from the cool plot and universe, I thoroughly enjoyed how the partnership between those two was written.

Perchance to Dream by everybetty
gen; PG-13; 19,800~ words
Characters: primarily Sheppard and Rodney with the rest of the Team plus special guest stars.
Summary: John’s ATA gene brought him a new life in the Pegasus Galaxy. Now it may be the very same thing that takes his life away completely.

Sheppard is suffering from extreme sleep deprivation. Well-researched, well-plotted medical drama, great use of the characters. I was on the edge of my seat.

medium length (5,000 - 15,000 words):

Never Quite What You Expect by propinquitine
John/Rodney, Teyla, Ronon; PG; ~7400
Summary: The problem with most of the ways it could happen is that the scenarios aren't nearly awkward enough.
Author's Notes: "I threw a number of monanotlisa's requests at the wall, and "twisted cliches", "banter", and "humor" stuck the fastest. Hope you enjoy it!"

Twisted cliches, check. Banter, check. Humor, check check. Mixed together with great result. :) (Plus, it's only a side detail in the story, but I'm loving this fic SO MUCH for getting Jennifer right and not buying into certain fanon cliches.)

Shine Like the Sun by busaikko
McKay/Sheppard; R; dark; Vegas-verse Outcast AU; 7,200 words
Summary: Detective John Sheppard knew Ava Dixon was trouble as soon as she walked into his office looking for her brother.

Busaikko combines Vegas and Outcast quite brilliantly, I was completely drawn into the harsh 'verse she created. A fantastic, original, clever fic. Insta!rec!

The Woods are Deadly, Dark and Deep by frith_in_thorns
Gen; PG-13; Teyla & Rodney; 7,000 words
Summary: And miles to go...
Okay, I may be biased because this story was inspired by one of my illustrations, but I'm really not just reccing it here because of that! This fic takes an illustrated scene and weaves it into a story that honestly explores Teyla and Rodney and the relationship those two have. I love the insight into the characters, I love the many details that bring this story to life. And I love the hurt/comfort which is really well written.

All For One by linziday
gen; Rodney McKay, John Sheppard, OCs; 4,800 words
To John the air felt even heavier than it had earlier. Hotter. More oppressive. Too thick to draw a good breath.
A fun romp with bickering, teamwork, and whump (Shep), but above all I'm reccing it for the two original characters, who both got heaps of personality and are fun to watch.

Five Ways It Didn't Go by miss_porcupine
gen; AU; 5300 words
why rec'd: Five roads not taken. They are somewhat bittersweet and melancholy, simply by knowing what would've been, and at the same time they are hopeful, and just a joy to read.

no universal world by siriaeve
mostly gen (with background Jennifer/Rodney); warning: not a light and fluffy story; 8100 words
Between the average success rate of the gate teams, and the skill the scientists had for finding new and interesting ways to blow up large chunks of the city, Jennifer spent most of her time cooped up inside the infirmary.

This is a tense and compelling scenario. I crave stories like this, that throw these three characters together and explore what makes them tick. And I love how Jennifer's and Rodney's relationship is portrayed in the negative spaces, for lack of a better word.

Puzzles by wildcat88
gen; PG; Rodney and Sam; ~11,000 words
Summary: A newly discovered Ancient facility sends Sam and Rodney to a world with no stargate.

I love the way both characters are explored here. It's intriguing to see Rodney through Sam's eyes, see just how far he's come - how far their friendship has come - since the more than rocky beginning.

I stumbled over this delightful Rodney/Anya series. Rodney McKay and Anya Jenkins... now that I've read it I can see that this practically begged to be written:
Just Desserts by Azar (SGA/BtVS)
Rodney/Anya; teen; humor/romance; series of three parts; 7,134 words

I love how those two really *get* each other, in their own, messed up way. Comes with fun plot twists and Halfrek.

True Measure of Value by wildcat88
gen; PG; Rodney, John, cameos by others; ~8300 words
Summary: Sometimes the small things in the dark are worse than the big things in the light.

How the Song Changes by siriaeve
John/Rodney/Teyla, Keller/Dex; Rating: R?; Set after 4.10, ‘This Mortal Coil.’; 7,000 words

After the fall of Atlantis the survivors seek refuge on other worlds and get taken in by the Sah, a nomadic society. It's a really beautiful story with great worldbuilding.

Truth in Action by tridget
gen; PG; post-“Trinity”; Characters: Rodney, John, Ronon, Teyla, Lorne; ~ 13,600 words
Summary: The Doranda disaster was just the beginning of trouble for Rodney.
why rec'd: This story deals with the aftermath of the Doranda debacle in a way I really like (not being a fan of YABS fic...) I find Rodney's and John' s reactions believable - Rodney driven by guilt and ending up working himself into the ground in his desire to make things right... I can see that happen. The whump is well written.

What I like a lot is that Tridget doesn't ignore what else happened in the episode - Ronon abused Teyla's trust too, after all, and must be dealing with similar feelings as Rodney. I really enjoyed reading the moments between the two teammates - my favorite part. All in all, this story rounds off the episode well.

Those Three Words by argosy (SGA)
McKay/Sheppard; NC-17; humor/romance; 5,700 words
Summary: John has something he wants to say, but it won't be easy.

Another thing that brought a big smile to my face. Emotionally stunted!John, Rodney, and a very long jumper ride... delightful read. :)

Self-Sacrifice by Jem
gen; Rodney; PG-13, ~6,000 words

Summary: This isn't exactly Rodney's forte. He must convince a recalcitrant listener that some very important people are worth saving, when Rodney has never even articulated to them just how important they are to him. In other words, he must talk about his feelings. And the person he must convince is a very stubborn, very selfish scientist by the name of Rodney McKay . . .

Why rec'd:
omgawesomesquee This is a really original, well-rounded story. It's got time travel (of a sort). It's got Rodney arguing with himself. And it touches on all kinds of interesting concepts. Great interpretation of the prompt!

The Choices That Damn Us by Jem
gen; PG-13; AU; Teyla plus supporting; ~10,000
Prompt: “If my doctor told me I had only six minutes to live, I wouldn't brood. I'd type a little faster.”—Isaac Asimov
Summary: In her last moments, Teyla Emmagen's memories flash back through the path that brought her here, through her discovery of her own identity and the gradual unspooling of the dark and monstrous truth behind the Stargate Program.

Why rec'd: This story comes with the warnings 'character death' and 'fairly dark', which it is, but I urge you not to let that deter you... you'd be missing out on an excellent, intelligent AU. I don't want to tell too much about the story; suffice to say it's a chilling vision of the gateverse gone wrong. It's a story that bears re-reading; there's a lot of food for thought. The pacing and structure work really well, too.

Confluence by carolyn_claire
Rodney/Teyla; PG; written for sticksandsnark; ~9,500
Summary: Some things just work better together.

In Atlantis, he couldn’t imagine anything like this ever happening, but they hadn’t been in Atlantis for some time, now.

I'm reccing this story not because it was written for ME *happy dance* but because it's fantastic... Rodney and Teyla get stranded in time, and have to combine all their skills to survive. A very satisfying time-travel story with a lot of setting detail and lovely character stuff that ties back into the plot - excellent plot!
I also like the non-linear structure, it's really efficient. I was drawn in right away.

Firepower by penknife
gen; PG; Rodney plus team; 5,000 words
summary: How Rodney stopped worrying and learned to love his P90.

A tremendously enjoyable fic that captures the season one vibe perfectly. I love the look at the team dynamic and Rodney's development as a character. The voices are spot-on.

With Friends Like These (John Will Never Make The Kessel Run In Less Than Twelve Parsecs) by argosy
Rodney/Teyla, John; PG; 5,400 words
Summary: John's in love, but Teyla and Rodney are the ones acting strange.

This story is adorable and very funny... I chuckled my way through it and it put a big smile on my face. Rodney and Teyla working together and being brilliant (and also kind of acting like dorks a lot) and Rodney being turned on by Teyla being brilliant... that's so much fun to read. I'd love to see more of that side of Teyla.

I think you'll love this fic even if you're normally not interested in this pairing: their story is told through the eyes of John and it's just as much about John and the new love of *his* life... his very own spaceship! (And if John is getting a little bit obsessed enthusiastic about his ship, it is understandable, right? ♥)

"I kissed her."

Oh. John was glad he was already sitting down. He hadn't been expecting that at all. A horrible thought occurred to him. "This isn't going to get in the way of you working together on my ship, is it?"

His ship. John still got a rush out of saying that out loud. He remembered the first time he'd boarded her. She was a little squishier than he liked in a ship, generally, and given the choice, he wouldn't have picked such... bold shades of purple and green for her interior. And he could have lived without the pulsing walls, but it had still been love at first sight. She had a real vibe about her. Rodney and Teyla must have felt it too.

"Sheppard!" Rodney snapped his fingers annoyingly close to his face. "Focus!"

The Sting by kristen999
gen; PG; team; Action/Adventure; 13,600~
Summary: The team has to go undercover to root out the latest threat to Pegasus. A drug dealer trafficking the Wraith enzyme. Who’s going to con who? And most importantly. Who has the coolest costume? Team fic. Lots of guns, fights, and insults.

This fic had a cool plot and nicely balances drama with humor and teamy goodness. And it has the team undercover, in costume. :) The scenario is really plausibe; I could easily see this as an episode. (And what I'd give to see the Flan & Co act this out...)

A Far Better Thing by alex51324
gen; PG:13; Characters: Rodney, Rodney, team, Jennifer, Sam; ~18,600 words
Summary: After spending years trapped on a Wraith ship, Rodney McKay escapes and returns to Atlantis. The only trouble is, he's already there.

This one's by a writer who's new to the fandom. It makes me happy to see good writers discover the fandom even now. Go read, enjoy, and feedback her like crazy so hopefully she'll write more! (okay, I haven't commented myself yet because of the whole lack-of-time thing, but I will!)

A hugely entertaining, plotty genfic that reads like an episode - like an exceptionally good, moving episode, with some very interesting ideas and witty lines. I found all the characters really well written (Keller-fans proceed without trepidation ;) and Rodney's characterization(s) rang very true. The story uses a trope that's not uncommon to the gate'verse and it's doing it in an original, thoughtful and thought-provoking manner. I'm still finding myself thinking about it.

Darkest Before the Dawn by wildcat88
Gen; PG-13; Angst; Word Count: ~10,700 words
Summary: Some things have to be accepted; others have to be fought with everything you've got. A tragic off-world mission rocks Atlantis and shatters John. Struggling to pull the pieces together and move forward, he discovers he has one chance to set everything right.

Why rec'd: The feelings of grief and guilt... and of love, are explored in a way that feels honest and real. Beautiful team story that shows the bond between them. I also liked Kanaan's characterization very much - even though he has only a few lines, he somehow feels more present to me here than he did on the show.

One of Those Days All Week by mad_maudlin
gen; PG-13; whump, angst, humor; 5,145 words
Summary: Rodney has a bad day. A very long, very bad day.

This was written for linziday, less_star and myself, who all wished the same for the 'wish fulfillment' challenge at flashfic. Mad_maudlin writes Rodney running on empty, and she really gets into his sleep-deprived head. Very cool fic!

Walk a Klick by trinityofone
Rodney/Teyla; PG; ~8,000 words
Summary: Teyla's head was killing her.

An original take on the bodyswap idea, in that they're not so much switching bodies as they're... switching. Identities. Everything. Fascinating idea, and fun to read.
Privately, Rodney trusted John’s instincts and agreed that the odd incident on M7X-948 was worth further investigation; he also understood that Star Wars was an important philosophical work among the Colonel’s people.

Head High to the Finish by cinaed
McKay/Keller, McKay/Keller/Zelenka; PG-13; 5,800 words
Summary: The thing is, Jennifer really doesn't like Zelenka. At all.

This isn't a pairing combination I had ever considered before but I thought the author really pulls it off; I completely bought it. I love the slowly growing friendship between Jennifer and Radek and the fondness underneath Rodney's and Radek's bickering.

Cairns by liketheriverrun
gen, team, T
Summary: Forced into a native rite of passage, the team must each face life and death challenges along their chosen path. The only catch is that it's up to you to choose that path for them.
Warnings: There is the potential for character death, but don't worry, you can always start over and try again if it happens.

This fic is a Choose Your Own Adventure story. It's really fun to read/play, and I'm boggled at the thought of how much work must've gone into it! I've already played a few variations, but there are still a lot of paths I haven't explored. (I managed to get my team to safety on my first try. ^^ I was less lucky on the second run...)

In Medias Res by Blue Shadowdancer
Gen; Characters: Rodney, Carson, Sheppard, Rating: K+; 6,114 words
Summary: Rodney wakes up in the infirmary, with no memory of how he got there. Just another day? Not quite...

I'm trawling because every once in a while one stumbles across an interesting new writer. This story is really interesting: a suspenseful fic with a deep Rodney-POV that's very effective.

short fic/ficlets (< 5,000 words):

Squonksgiving by sholio
gen; G; team; humor, crack; 1,800 words
Summary: Sometimes John just gets a feeling that this is going to be yet another day that's not going in the mission report.
Why rec'd? This fic is seriously hysterical. I just read it for the second time, and I was again giggling the whole time. The team are offworld and confronted with yet another alien custom. How will Atlantis' finest deal with this challenge?

Piece by Piece by sholio
gen; G; Characters: Teyla and ensemble; Spoilers for major events through all five seasons; 4,900 words
Summary: Teyla makes an afghan, and Atlantis learns to crochet. Seasons one through early five.
Why rec'd? This is a beautiful Teyla fic that spans the entire past five years... everything she has lost, the friends and the home she has found. Just like the zhadani blanket that Teyla is making, this fic is made of many little details and snippets that together make a whole.

Roadside Service
Summary: This ficlet brought to you by How Penknife Spent Her Evening, or Why Penknife Is A Big Giant Dork. SGA, John, Rodney, and Sam gen, post-series.

Absolutely lovely SGA fic by penknife:
A is for Atlantis, an alphabet book, by John Sheppard (with the unasked-for assistance of Rodney McKay and Ronon Dex)

Just... perfect! Atlantis in a nutshell.

Also by penknife:
Three Lessons in Athosian History
gen (Teyla and OCs); ~1500 words.
Summary: All this has happened before, and all this will happen again.

An exploration of Athosian backstory that makes the Pegasus galaxy feel just a bit more real. I got goosebumps reading it.

Homecoming (Where The Heart Is Deep Beat Mix) by poisontaster
gen with background McShep; PG; Characters: Jennifer, Teyla, Ronon; 1,820 words
Summary: Home is where the heart is.

I really like the portrayal of Jennifer here, and it's good to see glimpses of her relationship with Teyla and Ronon... and with Atlantis.

By the time she's comparing her mother's chicken and noodles—unfavorably, mind you—to the mess hall's bird-like and ersatz-noodle substitute, the vacation is definitely over.

Greater Love Hath No Man for his Friends by siriaeve:
gen; John Sheppard; ~1400 words
His eyes widened with horror when he got there, though. It wasn't just a section—it was a whole aisle, both sides of it lined with packages in various shades of purple and green and blue and pink. He looked down at the list, but Teyla's neat handwriting didn't offer him any guidance beyond sanitary pads and tampons, several packets. What good was that to him, when there were all these different options? There were different colours and sizes and some of them apparently had wings; John didn't want to know, because he had a sense nothing good could come of asking why sanitary pads needed to be aerodynamic.

meeting of minds by siriaeve (1,100 words)
A pitch-perfect Sam/Rodney fic that has the two of them at a science conference. If you love the pairing, go read! (If you don't love the pairing, heck, go read anyway. :)

pay off by siriaeve
Rodney McKay/Jennifer Keller; PG-13 (my guess); 600 words
Why this must be read: Written for non_mcsmooch, with a very cool take on the prompt and also on a quite popular fanfic theme :). This ficlet is just 600 words long but it's a delightful look at the relationship between Rodney and Jennifer, and at Rodney himself.

Osmosis by siriaeve (600 words)
“Smushed,” Rodney said and blinked at her—and really, it’s not like it’s that surprising. Jennifer might have drawn the line at eating raw gr’tak with Teyla, but she grew up in rural Wisconsin. She’s an old hand at dealing with bugs. “Is that a medical term?”
This was written for my prompt. I wanted Jennifer/Rodney, and bugs. *beams*

In Sickness and In Health by linziday
gen; PG-13, John + ensemble; whump, humor; for Holiday H/C Comment Fic Exchange

Local Specialty by penknife
"What a large insect," Teyla says, her tone very carefully polite. She pokes the lobster with the tiny fork that came with it, as if making sure it will not move. (~1,250 words)

this valley of dying stars by frith_in_thorns
Rodney/Jennifer; dark; 1,500 words
Summary: The flames are beautiful. It's almost worth it, seeing this.

You know the kind of fic that comes with the warning 'not a happy story' so you're almost afraid to click on the cut, and you click anyway and find it's true, and you don't even care because it's so beautiful? Yeah. This story is like that.

Sunlight on Broken Things by frith_in_thorns
gen; PG; h/c
Well-written tag for Storm/Eye

On The Shores of a Wine-Dark Sea by dr_dredd
written for the Last Fiction Writer Standing challenge.

Shrine Tag by sholio
gen; PG; Rodney, John, Jennifer, Teyla; 2,850 words
Why rec'd? Excellent Shrine tag. Rodney is slowly recovering (too slowly for his taste). I love how friendshipper writes whumped&cranky Rodney, and his friends who're there to look after him. The writing style is great, and the voices are so spot on, it feels like it's part of the actual episode.

Battle Of Wills by laughtersmelody
gen; PG; John Sheppard, Jennifer Keller
Summary: Doctors make the worst patients. Jennifer Keller had always believed that was true -- she’d had to treat a few other doctors in her career and they’d all been awful patients. But that was before she’d met John Sheppard. He had to win the award for the worst patient ever. (Written for Holiday h/c Comment Fic Exchange at [profile] sgahcchallenges.)
Why rec'd? I like the look we get at Sheppard though Keller's eyes - it gives good insight into both their minds, and feels really in character.

Heart and Soul by mad_maudlin
gen; Teyla (POV) and Rodney, plus John, Ronon, Jennifer; G; 2,800 words
Summary: "You think there's something going on with McKay?"
Friendship fic with well-drawn characters. Another fave from secret Santa.

Siege tag by sholio
gen - John w/Rodney and a little Zelenka; 1300 wds.
A missing scene that really conveys that sense of exhaustion. Great character moment.

Promptfic 1: Rodney, fire by sholio
"Short straw," Sheppard said cheerfully. "McKay gets to build the fire."

Lullabies in a Minor Key by penknife
gen; Rodney, Jeannie; ~4500 words
summary: Rodney and Jeannie backstory. It's not exactly family harmony.

A really intriguing look at Rodney and Jeannie growing up. I love the way their relationship is explored in flashbacks, frozen moments of their family history that paint a clear picture. Wonderful character study with plausible backstory.

Cheating the Other Guy by sholio
gen; PG; Teyla & Sam; 2000 words
Summary: Sam and Teyla find themselves in a Western. Sort of. And Teyla seems to have accidentally sold her teammates to buy a ranch, but who can blame her.

Villa Triste by rysler
Gen, slightly McKay/Keller; R for violence and torture; 2800 words
Summary: McKay is captured and held for ransom.

Sparesly yet effectively written. Fic focussing on torture is generally not my thing, but this one worked for me.

Are You Naked Under That Thing? by roaringmice
Gen; John, Rodney; h/c; 1,300 words
Rating: PG
Summary: "I'm here because I received a phone call at midnight from Jennifer, who, by the way, works at the damn hospital where they'd taken you, telling me that you'd been seriously hurt, so I get halfway to the hospital when she calls and tells me you'd checked yourself out. And here you are, at home, in your..." He frowned. "Are you naked under that thing?"

I like the idea that years from now they will still be friends who care about each other, relationship breakups notwithstanding.

Never Bend with the Rainfall by monanotlisa
PG; Jennifer Keller/Teyla Emmagan; 1,650 words
Jennifer has never seen Teyla flee the scene, any scene, but no other phrase comes to mind. It's Jennifer's turn to blink because her eyes don't adjust that fast to the Teyla-shaped hole in the air in front of her. At least she took the gift flowers with her. That's good, right?

This is a really adorable fic about cultural misunderstandings and friendship and more. It's thoughtful, lighthearted, the characterization for both women is totally *on*, and the dynamic between them is very intriguing.

If you're, like me, craving fic that gets Jennifer's character right, go read! This brightened my morning.

Uncanny Valley by harriet_spy
gen; John, Rodney; dark themes (no violence); 3,400 words
I saw this rec'd on stargateficrec and I'm really glad that I clicked on the link even though it sounded like a story that's not easy to read. It's a fascinating exploration of Sheppard's character. Really interesting concept, and executed well enough to pull it off. I found it incredibly moving (kinda typing around the lump in my throat...).

Reality Show
gen, set early season 4. ~400 words.
"Jennifer Keller, Star Trek." Jennifer, John, and Sam, bonding over Star Trek. :)

Hero Gets the Girl by bironic (SGA)
Rodney/Buffy fantasy, Rodney/Jennifer; PG-13; 425 words
Summary: What? It was no secret he had a type. (Flashficlet for two prompts at Battle IX: Buffy/Rodney, sarcasm; Jennifer/Rodney, hero.)

I really liked this. Cute, in-character, neat use of the prompts.

Elizabeth, Interrupted by michelel72
I rarely rec drabbles (cause the rec ends up being longer than the fic) but I found this one quite fascinating.

The Unfinished Project by wildcat88
gen; PG; team; ~3600 words
Summary: A missing village and an unexpected find leaves the team trapped and injured. Rodney must risk everything to save them.

Plotty genfic with lovely team interaction, written for the prompt: When technology gets angry.

Four Blatant Lies About Atlantis (And One Thing That's Totally True) by sabinelagrande
McShep; PG-13; humor; 4286 words
Summary: Wherein aliens don't make them do it, John loves ASCII, Carson hates everyone, Weir is highly amused, and Lorne's just trying to be a pal.
And then there was The Other List.

The Other List was pulled directly from the Ancient database. Its original name varied widely, depending on who was translating it. Dr. Weir referred to it as The Places We Do Not Go; consensus among the linguists was that it was closer to The Worlds That Are Not Clean; Rodney read it as The People Who Do The Bad Things.

John called it The Top Ten Pegasus Party Schools- but then, he didn't read Ancient, so his interpretation didn't really count.

What's Done is Done by wildcat88
gen; PG; Carson and Rodney mainly; Spoilers: Sunday, This Mortal Coil, The Kindred; ~4500 words
Summary: After spending several days on Atlantis doing research, Carson decides he needs an afternoon off.

Excellent character study that deals with Rodney's and Carson's feelings of guilt in a way that feels very much in character. The emotional ramifications of the whole Carson arc were never really addressed in canon, and this story reads like an essential missing piece.

Aidan's Tale by wneleh
gen; PG; Ford, Kiryk, and other recurring characters; post-finale; 3,000 words
Summary: Post-series, Aidan Ford and Kiryk are off to find Atlantis.

This fic gives closure to Aidan Ford's story, and ties up a whole number of loose threads in a very satisfying way. I really enjoyed it.

Start From Now by bluflamingo
gen; Characters: Jennifer Keller, Katie Brown; spoilers for S3 Sunday; 2,211 words
Summary: Jennifer nearly turned down the Atlantis expedition when she got offered it...

An insightful character piece that provides some interesting and plausible backstory for Jennifer. The characterization is well-rounded... showing her confidence in her own skills as a medical professional as well as her inner conflicts; the determination beneath the insecurity. I also rather like the friendship she strikes up with Katie Brown... that we didn't see in canon (which I now think is a bit of a shame).
snippet: It wasn’t even a lie. She loved her job at the SGC, had loved it ever since Dr Andrews, who always did the medical recruitment visits, had turned up at her office with an airman in dress blues, talking about a research paper she’d just published and asking her to sign a non-disclosure agreement. It was exciting, and different, and she didn’t get guns waved in her face nearly as often as she had working in the ER (and the people who did usually came by to apologize, often with gifts, once they’d recovered from whatever alien thing had made them do it in the first place).

Oral Transmission by sobsister
gen; Jennifer Keller & John Sheppard; humor; spoilers: reference to Doppleganger; 1,972 words
Summary: A conversation between Dr. Keller and Colonel Sheppard goes slightly awry, for both parties.

A cute, funny Keller POV fic set in the infirmary. I love the Jennifer voice and the way she's characterized - competent in doctor mode, slightly dorky and bumbling when it comes to social matters. Though here, Sheppard has her beat on the bumbling front.

Five Times Rodney McKay Babysat the Athosians by cat_77
gen; PG; ~ 1,200 words
summary:The amazing thing was, they kept asking him to do it.

This was frikking hilarious!

Adventures in Babysitting by siriaeve
gen; Ronon & Torren; 900 words

Ronon smiled at her with as much attention as he could spare from the vital task of not dropping Torren. "You sure there's no one else who can look after him?"

"Jennifer has several minor surgeries this afternoon," Teyla said, as smoothly as if she'd prepared these points beforehand, "Rodney is having his quarterly departmental review with Mr Woolsey, Dr Zelenka is engaged in a rather complicated simulation, and John is, well..."

Uphill by penknife
gen; PG; friendship; Jennifer Keller + John Sheppard; ~1300 words
Summary: It's bad enough being trapped in a cave. Jennifer's pretty sure that in the Pegasus galaxy, things can always get worse.

Penknife is a new writer in the fandom, really worth checking out! Her voices are spot on and I love the interaction between the characters; makes me wish we had gotten more Jennifer-John screentime.
snippet: "We just need to find a way out of here," Sheppard says, as if she doesn't know that. He's being very patient with her, which makes her feel about ten years old. At this point, she's basically useless, and they both know it. Okay, if Sheppard gets hurt, she can give him what first aid she can manage without her medical kit, which is buried under a bunch of rocks. That's not really a scenario she thinks either of them is hoping for.

"We're going up," Jennifer says. "That's good, right?" She thinks she read that in some kind of book on wilderness survival, which she read on an airplane while drinking coffee and eating pretzels. She wishes she had some pretzels.

Second Story by elementalv
gen; PG; 1,500 words.
Summary: Everything changed.

Amazing Sheppard character study. With time travel.

Pillow Talk by fairyglass
Sam/Rodney; Friendship/humor/romance; Rating 15+; 4,000 words
Summary: Sam makes the adjustment to leading the Atlantis Expedition and that means making certain personal adjustments, too.

I really like how Fairyglass has written the slowly developing friendship.

"Goodnight Doctor McKay, Doctor Zelenka," Sam says indulgently, waving up at Rodney before tapping the conversation clear. There's both a sense of relief and... something that feels an awful lot like reluctance as she does so. She frowns at the thought. Has it really been so long that Rodney McKay is looking good to her?

Rodney's Emo Cat by argosy
McKay/Sheppard; PG; ~3700 words
Summary: Pet ownership is a serious responsibility.

Hysterical! And really insanely cute.

Midwinter Burning by rhymer23
gen; PG, Team (Teyla POV); Spoilers through 4x10 This Mortal Coil; 3700 words
Summary: Teyla persuades her team to celebrate midwinter, and to find some hope in the darkness.

Browsing through my to-rec folder... A winter solstice story is maybe a weird choice to rec at spring time, but hey, it fits my mood and the themes come across no matter the season. I found this quiet story very powerful, with an overlaying sense of melancholy and of hope. A really beautiful, moving team story.

sholio wrote a very intriguing, dark, and twisted ficlet for Gen Battle
Prompt: Rodney, lost opportunity; 1400 wds; genfic; warning: AU, character death, dark

Statistical Improbabilities by beanpot
Sam/Rodney; PG; Spoilers: Post SG1 Road Not Taken; 2,800 words
Summary:. Sam and Rodney attend a conference on Earth. Snark ensues.
Five hours into the conference and forty-five minutes into the main event, and so far everything had been ridiculous and Dr. Moran had only revealed that he’d seen a few episodes of Wormhole Xtreme and owned a mixer.

Good Sam/Rodney fic is so hard to find that I'm even happier when I stumble over something like this. They way they're written here is just what I love about the two: the gratuitous snark covering up a deep underlying affection. I wish there was more fic in that vein.

Spaces Between by sholio
gen; PG; team; 1600 words
Summary: The planet looked just like British Columbia, as they often do.

A beautiful story about team love.

A Time to Heal by wildcat88
Rodney/Jennifer; PG; Spoilers for S4 through TLM; 3200 words
Summary: Circumstances and a three week journey put everything in a different light.
Why rec'd: This is a missing scene fic from The Last Man that is true to character for both, shows their relationship grow in a very believable manner, and fits seamlessly into the episode. It was just what I was looking for after watching that ep.

Friends and Old Wine by rhymer23
Ronon plus team; Gen; PG; Spoilers through 5x03 Broken Ties
Summary: Not long after arriving on Atlantis, Ronon is given a bottle of Satedan firewine, the last of its kind. Throughout the events of the next few years, it stays unopened, because Sateda is gone…

A beautiful character study!

I have known the eyes already by sabinelagrande
Sam/AU Rodney; NC-17; xover; spoilers for The Road Not Taken; 805 words
Summary: "This is the worst thing," he says, breaking off to catch her lips with his again, "that has ever happened to me."

So much good character stuff in this little ficlet.

So Much Trouble by sheafrotherdon
gen; PG-13; Keller, team; h/c; spoilers for 5x01; ~ 529 words
Summary: Keller tries to do what only John's team can. (tag to Search and Rescue; )

Sometimes friends are the best medicine... a lovely glimpse at Keller and team Sheppard in the infirmary.

Rodney Wakes Up in Yet Another Tiny Prison Cell by coolbreeze1
gen; Ronon&Rodney; 400 words; (written for the Last Fic Writer Standing Challenge)

A great little Ronon & Rodney moment

comics/cartoons/illustrated fic:

Icky Girl Germs! ZOMG!!1ELEVENTY!1!! by rigel_7 (cartoon)
John/Rodney, Rodney/Sam, with a dash of OT5; Crack!Meta, south-park style (image heavy)

Rofl! That is all. ('cuz if laughter is better than tears it also beats banging your head against the keyboard.)


sholio made me a preview vid for my help_haiti fic, and it is AU in the style of tv show credits, and it's really too awesome for words. (download here; doesn't play in media player but works fine in VLC)

I would so watch that show!

Sober by LaPrincesseNini (YouTube link)
A Ronon tribute; characters: Ronon and ensemble

A fascinating in-depth character study that explores Ronon and his past. I want to watch it a couple more times to catch all the nuances but I wanted to come here and rec it right away. lunabee34 wrote a very interesting analysis of the vid. (link)

The Writer by suzvoy (download link)
McShep; Rating: no idea (one brief scene of nudity)
Summary: Constructed reality McShep music vid. An aspiring writer lacks inspiration until he starts a part-time job at a movie theater.

This vid is unusual since Suzvoy uses footage not just from SGA, but also at least two more movies of Hewlett/Flanigan. The idea is just cool - the writer (Joe Flanigan) writes himself into SGA canon to get over writer's block - and it's really well executed, too. Great storytelling!

Muppets in Atlantis by chayiana
Music: "The muppets" main theme
gen; humor; Spoilers up to 3x20 "First strike"

Chayiana's Lorne-vid "Be a Rockstar" is one of my favorite SGA vids ever, and one I use to recruit among my friends. So I checked out "Muppets", which is *hilarious*. She has great comedic timing. This one might also make a good recruiter vid though it gives a slightly, well, distorted view of the show. ;)

The Lost Button by chayiana (SGA/Dr.Who)
Music: Laurel and Hardy's theme; Artist: Marvin Hatley; Genre: Crossover, silent movie, action/humour

This vid really captures the feeling of that old b/w silent movie comedies. Funny and charming. Those two shows play together well.
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