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fic recs (SG-1, FMA)

Book is done. \o/ One or two more days to add details and check continuity, then it's finished. Gonna relax now with a big glass of red wine, the latest ep of FMA, and half a dozen fics.
Also, the weather has been very nice lately: I've been running and rollerblading a lot and that always leaves me with a happy buzz.
Finished illlos + red wine + rollerblading + new FMA ep + fic = really nice buzz. *smiles dopily*

fic recs:
Investigation by penknife (SG-1)
Summary: Investigation into the effects of zat'ni'ktel fire on the common Peep, by Samantha Carter

That was brilliant. I haven't read much SG-1 fic yet, but this fic makes me want to get into it more.

Notorious by bob_fish (FMA)
gen; PG-13; Characters: Madam Christmas; Roy Mustang (aged four), Grumman; ~3,500
Warnings: gangsters, innuendo, sleaze, dominoes and a lot of jazz age slang
Summary: Twenty-five years ago ... Chris Mustang is having a very bad month. The censors killed her show, she's in debt to a couple of very dubious businessmen, and she's working as a hostess in the worst bar in town. As if that wasn't enough, her estranged big brother seems to have gotten himself in an auto accident, and some nut decided to make her guardian of his four year old brat.

This is a really great piece of backstory for Madam Christmas and Roy Mustang. I'm not sure how it meshes with the mangaverse - I've yet to read the flashback chapters - but in any case it feels just right and it offers some great character backstory. I devoured this story. It's a satisfying exploration of a minor character.

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