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Fullmetal Alchemist fanart
Some of these are re-posts - I'm collecting them here for easier linkage. And I slapped some color on the two drawings I posted earlier this week:

Dog Days

older FMA fanart:

character studies

Illustration for genarti's fic Firefight

After The Battle

Dog Days - b/w versions

and a yet-uncolored sketch...

Warning: Some of these contain spoilers for the final chapters of fma (though I think there are no major plot spoilers and a lot of it was speculation at the time I drew it).

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D'awwww puppies! Royai! :D :D :D

D'awwww puppies! Royai!

Two of my favorite things *g*

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(Deleted comment)
Riza acquiring blackmail as Roy sleeps with the puppies is ADORABLE. <3

And I really like the Firefight one--gorgeous!

(Deleted comment)
Thanks, I'm glad you like them.

I don't know FMA, but those pics are so great! And the little doggies! Cute :D

These are fabulous! Particularly the puppy pix. Cute Roy asleep with cute puppies. YOu could easily sub in a baby...

(Deleted comment)
I practically turned into a puddle with the Roy asleep w/puppies pic

I'm glad it worked :D

AWWWW!!! So cute! Riza has black mail! XD

Awwwww. The ones with the puppies are adorable! I love the contrast in the Firefight one, and of course the atmosphere in After The Battle is fantastic. I admire your use of traditional media, really.

Thanks for sharing!

Ahhhh, these are so great! Love the puppies and Roy on the couch, hahaha.
And the After the Battle one! The colors in all of these..! Your style is just amazing. *o*

I approve of the number of puppies in this page!! :D