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anenko wrote: meganbmoore posted a link to the most recent round of female character bashing. In my comment to her, I mentioned how happy I am that the people on my flist/DW circle love a wide variety of female-identified* characters.
Wouldn't it be great to find more people who feel the same way?
Is there a female character friending meme? If not, there totally should be.

And now there is: Female Character Friending Meme :)

In other news I have now learned the kanji for 'moustache' and for 'shave'. Fandom is nothing if not educational. *nods*

I have a fanart rec. Sorry, the link goes to Pixiv and I'm still stumbling my way around that site - I think in order to view it you have to be a member? [eta: yes, you do] (I'm trying to find the artist on DA again for a better accessible link.)
This one is perfect to showcase what a frikking huge ensemble this show has. I think it's got every character of any kind of significance on it, and the art looks very cool. ありがとう! (Thank You!) by mukuo (FMA)

This fanart is on Deviantart: The Real Threat by Gimpyslair (FMA)
characters: Roy, Riza, Bradley, Olivier, Miles and Buccaneer
Gimpyslair has a whole bunch of FMA fan comics up, they're all worth checking out. This one cracked me up (and made me cackle evilly. Heh.)

fic recs:
Five Dangerous Things by Martha Wilson (SGA)
gen; PG-13; 3200 words
Five planets the Atlantis expedition won't go back to anytime soon

and for five planets SG-1 won't go back to anytime soon: Five mission reports written in 100 words or fewer: Brevity by penknife (comment fic)

by the same author: In Short
gen; PG; humor; ~1100 words
Summary: Twelve episode tags Penknife never wrote for SG-1 and SGA.
funny snarky meta, yum.

[personal profile] tielan posts about the upcoming SGA: Legacy novels here and also here and I gotta say, I haven't been this excited about SGA in months. It sounds like these books will be just what I'd been hoping for - all the things I loved about the show, plus many of the things I didn't get from the creators nor the fandom. I so hope they'll live up to my expectations!

Added benefit of those posts - I learned that there are Season 8 DS9 novels, and apparently they're good. I DID NOT KNOW THIS. Talk about being out of touch with the fandom. Due to recent posts on my friends list (thanks guys :) I've really gotten in the mood to revisit that fandom. I still think DS9 is one of the best tv shows ever made, and woefully underappreciated. (For an overview to whet the appetite read scrollgirl's post here.

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