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more recs: Calvin & Hobbes, Chuck, SGA

another Yuletide rec:
This kid I once knew (Calvin & Hobbes)
(temporary link in case the servers are robust)
gen; Susie Derkins; post-canon; 1786 words
Summary: Daniel sends their whole improv group an e-mail saying "check this out its fun1!1" and a link to a web comic called The Adventures of Spaceman Spiff.

I read quite a few good C&H stories in which the kids grew up. This one from Susie's POV is one of my favorites.

and squeezing in some non-yuletide recs:
Chuck vs Five Men, One with a Knife by sharpasamarble (Chuck)
gen (with Chuck/Sarah UST, emphasis on 'U'); set in S1; adventure/drama; 70,687 words
Summary: On New Year's Day, Chuck contemplates his resolutions. But a group blunder on a simple mission has complex consequences for Team Chuck, leading each member down a road he didn't expect to travel.

It's rare to find a casefile-style fic with such a satisfying plot. The characterization is sharp and the relationship dynamics portrayed in an interesting way. The author captures the season one vibe well, and adds her own touch.

Love is written in Poetry, Marriage in Prose by Santa (SGA)
R; McKay/Keller/ pre-McKay/Keller/Sheppard; 4191 words
Summary: Rodney and Jennifer fantasize about opening up their relationship.

Looks like McKay/Keller/Sheppard has come to be my OT3, thanks to fic like this one. A well-written, fun exploration of the trio's relationship... during the course of which some popular fandom tropes get turned on their head (always a big plus).

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