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Leverage fic and vid recs - master post

I compiled all my Leverage recs to date in this post for convenience's sake. Around 100 recs at the moment... lots of genfic, a good number of Sophie/Nate, and a handful of other pairing combinations. Also a couple of vid recs. Enjoy. :o)

[last updated December 09 2011.]
[eta Feb 10 2012: Looks like this post has reached its length limit; the mirror post at Dreamwidth has the most recent updates.]

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gen recs

Art of Conflict by [ profile] nightcamedown
Gen; team; 1850 words
Summary: In which Lucille has a smell, Eliot loses the plot, Sophie saves the day, and Parker doesn't tase anyone (but gets to steal a getaway car).

Brilliant team fic. She nails not just each character but the team as a unit.

First Principles by smokeringhalos
gen; PG; team (as viewed through Eliot's eyes); 1500 words
Summary: Eliot thinks about what he'd tell his temporary replacement about the team.

Neat structure, spot-on character portraits: Eliot's team in a nutshell.

How to Win Friends by scarletts_awry
Gen | PG-13 | characters: Hardison, Nate, and team | ~2,400 words
herein: It’s one thing for Nate to get himself punched in the head.
Hardison does not think it’s best to let Nate do all of the talking, but there’s no stopping Nate either, not when he’s on a roll.

Really good Hardison POV. Things go south (as they tend to) and Hardison has to keep it together and think on his feet to handle, well, everything. I love the family vibe.

Last Shot by Sprite91360
gen; PG; characters: Nate, Eliot and team; friendship/action/h/c; 7057 words
Summary: When a job doesn't go quite the way it was planned.
Solid background plot and action scenes round off some interesting exploration of the dynamic between Nate and Eliot.

(It looks like ffn messed up the formatting a bit in the beginning, but it still reads fine.)

An Unreliable Narrator by [ profile] LithiumDoll
gen with N/S subtext; 1612 words
Summary: He doesn't think he's better than they are.
Nate contemplates the team. An interesting piece of character introspection, set around the end of the first season.

What Happens In [Redacted] Stays in [Redacted] by [ profile] willow_41z
gen | Hardison & Eliot | some spoilers for S2+3 | 1890 words
Hardison wasn't looking for it when he found it. He wasn't trying to find it. Hell, he went out of his way not to find this sort of thing.

I hesitate to rec WIP but I'm reading a really fun, well-written Angel/Leverage crossover right now. So if you love both shows, check out this one: Maṭṭaltu by LithiumDoll. It's five chapters and 23,000 words in and I'm enjoying the heck out of it.
Summary: Things are going pretty well for the Leverage crew, until Lindsey McDonald shows up on their doorstep. Then, not so much.
Hardison raised an eyebrow. “We’re going to run game on the creatures of the night?”
“That a problem?”
He grinned. “Nah, man. I got holy water, I got stakes and I got blueprints - we’re good.”

The Five Worst Things by lmx_v3point3
characters/pairings: team with soft H/P and N/S; Rating R for violence; 2200 words
Summary: The worst things the five of them have ever done.

This fic makes great use of the five-things format to explore the characters and their less-than-spotless pasts.

The Topkapi Job by mizzy2k
Gen; Case!fic; PG-13; 14,300 words
Summary: What should be an easy heist in Arlington, Texas to retrieve a replica emerald dagger descends into madness when their client 'does a Nate' and tells the Mark that the dagger is going to be stolen. Defeating IYS' security to steal the dagger would be difficult enough, except IYS have a secret weapon on their hands.
A secret weapon named James Sterling.

Insta!rec... A plotty, teamy casefic which has the team outmanoevring James Sterling (or is it the other way round?) Sterling's deliciously unreliable narrator makes his POV all the more fun to read.

A Week in the Life of Eliot Spencer by hannasus
PG-13; short&cracky; spoilers for 4x08; characters: Eliot, but his team gets mentioned (if not as often as his hair.)
Summary: A week's worth of entries in Eliot's journal.

He he he.

Just A Tool in the Arsenal by telaryn
933 words; Gen; PG-13; Characters: Nate, Sophie (and Eliot, indirectly); spoilers 3x15

“You know, when you said Eliot might have to become the man he used to be, I didn’t think you’d let it go this far.”

Short, but very interesting and insightful character piece set after the events in The Big Bang Job.

Safety Dance: Equal Opportunities by eekz
500 words; Gen; Season 1, a team squabble
Sophie reached over to set a placating hand on Parker's arm. "No one is questioning your ability to strip, Parker. You'd make a fine stripper."

The Calling by Fleur27
Gen; G; characters: Nate, Paul; 1862 words
Summary: Nate has a decision to make about his future in the priesthood. Pre-series but does have some allusions to events in "The Miracle Job"
"Don't you ever have doubts?" asked Nate, lowering his voice another notch since it felt like sacrilege to discuss this in the chapel.
"What? Yes, Nate of course I have doubts. That's why it's called faith."
"I'm not talking about little doubts. I'm talking about big doubts. Huge, huge doubts."

Parker vs the World or The Silly Bandz Job by serenelystrange
gen; casefic; team; 9,740 words
Warnings (contains spoilers, highlight to read): non-con/deals with child prostitution. Nothing graphic is shown onscreen but it is heavily implied.
Summary: Parker is convinced that those crazy shaped rubber bracelets are actually being used to brainwash children at a local school. The team, mostly due to Sophie's encouragement, investigate.

Good plotfic, if deceptive, in that it starts off as the lighthearted romp the title suggests and then takes a definite turn for the serious. Not an easy thing to pull off without giving the reader whiplash but I think the way the story becomes gradually darker actually works. (I believe the story is mislabeled, though.)

Watching the Little Birds Fly Kamikaze Missions into the Walls by [ profile] zvi
gen; Sophie & Parker; 609 words
Summary: It's like breaking into the Met to steal something and realizing that they're displaying a forgery. Set after 2x15 Maltese Falcon Job; Sophie's back and finds things not as she left them.

Short but wow. I want to quote my favorite part but best read yourself.

Bait and Switch by ijemanja
gen; PG-13; team/humor; 1500 words
Summary: Parker and Sophie need to get out of a tricky situation.

ijemanja gives great team! ♥

Deck the Tree with False Blossoms by [ profile] ishie
gen; team; 2674 words
Plotty, funny, teamy fic with great voices... (plus, Hardison gets to do his Ice Man accent again. :)
The thing about cons, especially ones that were supposed to be simple in-and-out jobs, was that they never turned out that way. Even when you thought everything was going according to plan, there was always some massive clusterfuck skimming along below the surface, just waiting to rear up and snatch victory from your hands.

Nate knew this, but he sometimes couldn't help himself, which is why he ended up saying stupid shit like "we've got this one sewn up" before they'd even finished setting the bait.

Not for the Novice to Attempt, Or The Mrs. Mann-Formsby Job by [ profile] Scintilla10
gen; Parker & team; humor; 2413 words
Summary: You want Parker to host a formal dinner party for elite society?
Parker was concentrating on unlocking the safe (a simple dial combination), so she was only listening with half an ear to the conversation happening over the comm. But when Alec said, "Whoa, whoa, whoa," his tone of voice made her pause and pay attention. "What is she saying?" Alec went on. "What is she saying? A dinner party?"
"Uh, Sophie," said Nate, "you're going off-script here."

Summary says it all...

Five Times Nate and Parker Crossed Paths (and one time they didn't) by telaryn
gen; PG; Nate & Parker; pre-series; 2351 words
Summary: It took a while for Nate to understand the thief known only as Parker.
An interesting exploration of Parker's backstory, as seen through Nate's eyes. (Comes with bonus Sterling.)

Road Trip! by telaryn
gen; PG; Characters: Nate, Parker, Eliot (by phone); 1833 words
Summary: After a job goes horribly wrong, Nate and Parker end up trapped in a car together, trying to stay off the Italian's radar.
Hilarity ensues.

A really enjoyable fic: Nate and Parker get to bond on an involuntary road trip.

His Father's Son by telaryn
gen; PG-13; Characters: Nate Ford; spoilers for 4x02; 671 words
An episode tag to " The 10 Lil Grifters Job"... not a long fic, but quite an insightful character study that, to me, hits the nail on the head.

The Green Light Job by [ profile] lithiumdoll
gen; team; plotty action-adventure; 15,850 words
Summary: Eliot's going behind bars, Parker wants snacks, Hardison isn't helping, Sophie smells fear and Nate just wants a drink...
Like watching an episode! Clever plot with twists and turns; awesome, quirky characters.

The Pro and Con Job by Cathartes
Gen; Parker and team; action-adventure/character study; 13,230 words
Summary: There are men behind her, and dogs.
The author has a really good grip on Parker's character. All the characters are well-written, but the way she gets into Parker's head is truly fascinating. On top of the insightful characterization, the story is action filled and gripping.

the joy of cooking by ijemanja (Leverage)
gen; team; 3000 words
Summary: Eliot cooks. The rest of the team 'help'.

Adorkable and funny team/family moment. Ijemanja is great with voices; you can practically hear them bicker.

Eventualities by [ profile] lithiumdoll (Leverage)
gen; Rating: G; team; humor; 2110 words
Summary: Hardison gives some consideration to turning to the Dark Side
Love the style, the characterization, the voices, everything! (Post-ep for 3x04 The Sheherazade Job)

Loud and Clear by [ profile] blackeyedgirl
gen; Hardison & ensemble; humor/friendship
Summary: "Stop repeating everything, the ear-buds pick up the sound!" Alec is beginning to suspect that the others don't understand just how good his tech is.
insta-rec... a lot of awesome squeezed into just 467 words.

The Five Pieces Of Eight Job by tygermama
gen; PG; teamy casefic; set between S2 and S3; ~10,000 words
Summary: Eliot and Sophie decide to test the team’s new waters with a simple little job to save a plantation from an unscrupulous developer

Most excellent adventure plot, and the team interaction is spot on. This story's got everything I want from a fic and pirates on top of it.

Scenes from a Dojo by [personal profile] angel_negra
Gen; G; Eliot&Tara; spoilers for parts of S2; 1600 words
Summary: Eliot found a way to make his style work at Dalton Academy. It just worked a little too well.

Reverberate by kshar
gen; G; Nate, Sophie, & team; 5360 words
A gorgeously written Leverage team fic set during "The Two Live Crew Job".

And telaryn wrote me a story that brought the biggest smile to my face: Sophie going against Nate and Sterling, a couple of years before the series. It's awesome to see Sophie Devereaux in action!
Temptation Waits for No One
PG-13; gen with Sophie/Nate UST and background Nate/Maggie; 4790
Summary: Set pre-series in London. Sterling and Sophie have a run-in that leaves her hungry for payback.

Five times the Leverage Crew was not in Gotham, no, really, they weren't, no by [ profile] noelia_g
gen; team; humor; 1453 words
How the members of team Leverage ran into Bruce Wayne at one time or other. I can't even pick a favorite part of this fic because every bit is just perfect and in character, and makes great use of both 'verses.

Five Holidays the Leverage Crew Celebrated Together by severuslovesme
gen-ish with some Nate/Sophie; PG; vague spoilers for 3x16; ~3,000 words
Summary: In which Parker likes parties, Eliot is confused, and Hardison, Sophie and Nate just go with it.
Team! :o)

Data Quality Management by [ profile] jedibuttercup
gen; G; Hardison; 501 words
Summary: "Can I? Can I? Who do you think you're talking to?"

Short, but top-notch Hardison voice!

Honour Among Thieves (LJ link) by chaletian
gen; PG; humor, friendship, team; 1,778 words
It started with a twenty-million-dollar Van Gogh painting.
No, wait, back up. That's not true. Really, it started with a carton of 2% milk.

You Can Lead a Parker to Water, But You Can’t Keep Her From Blowing Up The Stream by lears_daughter
gen; Parker and team; humor; 2775 words
Summary: You’d think by now they’d realize that Parker just doesn’t think the way they do.

Don't Be Afraid To Let Them Show by cartography (deserts)
gen; PG; team; 743 words
Summary: Five secrets the Leverage crew keeps. Five truths they've never told.

An Exercise in Friendship by Zvi
gen; Parker, Sophie, some Maggie; 2686 words
Summary: Parker knows what she wants, but she doesn't have the tools to get it. Her consultation with Sophie got pretty weird, pretty fast.
This is a really amazing friendship fic, with insightful portrayal of both Parker and Sophie.

Star Crossed Allies by Lear's Daughter
gen; Nate&Eliot backstory; action; 6,578 words

Being Sophie by Lear's Daughter
She's twenty-seven when she decides to become Sophie Devereaux. She's not sure exactly who this Sophie character is—at first she thinks she's blonde, so she dyes her hair, takes one look in the mirror, and decides otherwise—but she knows she's going to like her better than she likes the person she's been. 1,638 words


The Anonymous Tip Job by [ profile] china_shop (Leverage/White Collar)
1896 words; Gen
Summary: It was too nice a day to be cooped up in the car for long, and Neal knew from experience that if he loitered on the sidewalk, there was a good chance a timely piece of evidence—or a fleeing suspect—would come his way.

One more example that Leverage/White Collar crossovers are just meant to be. I very much like Neal's outsider POV of team Leverage and the way you can easily tell all the characters merely from their speech patterns and Neal's observations. And there's a nice background plot to flesh things out and fuel the fantasy. (I'd love to read a long casefic in that 'verse...)

Yang by [ profile] therienne (Leverage & White Collar)
6013 words; gen; Parker, Hardison & Eliot; heist/humor
Summary: "Just don't get into trouble while we're gone," Nate said.

to be read in tandem with
6009 words; Gen, Peter Burke, Neal Caffrey, Clinton Jones, Lauren Cruz

in which the White Collar team stake out the same shady art auction that Parker, Hardison, and Eliot happen to have picked for a little side job.
Each fic can be read separately but when read together all the little pieces fall into place.

The You And Whose Army Job by [personal profile] liviapenn (Leverage/SGA)
Gen; PG; 3450 words; characters: Eliot, Teyla
Summary: "This is how you talk to women?" says Hardison from the peanut gallery. "Really?"

Seriously fun crossover!

The Great Muppet-Angel-Leverage Caper by mizzy2k
[PG; gen; crack!; 2500 words]
Summary: This story starts, as many of the greatest stories in history do, with a talking frog.

I'm giggling just typing this rec. Yes, folks, this is the Angel/Leverage/Muppet Show crossover you didn't know was missing from your life.

Honest When It Counts by Lear's Daughter (Leverage/Lie to me)
Gen; 2,440 words
Dr. Cal Lightman is asked to attend a party and determine whether the guests are who they say they are. He meets a fascinating group of people who very clearly aren't. Or, Cal Lightman meets Nate Ford and co.

Lie To Me is another show I don't know but the fic is enough to give the gist. Very interesting crossover - psychologist specialized in reading body language meets group of professional liars. I especially enjoyed the part where Cal Lightman is trying to read Sophie. ;)

This fic has a sequel, Conversation in a Holding Cell.
gen; Nate Ford & Cal Lightman; spoilers for Maltese Falcon Job; 1,881 words
Summary: Sterling hires Cal Lightman to read Nate's mind. Little does he know that Cal and Nate are old pals.

Accessories by [ profile] LithiumDoll (Leverage/White Collar)
gen; characters: Hardison, Neal, Mozzie; 1936 words
Summary: Neal's so over federal fashion accessories, Hardison's in love and Mozzie's probably raiding the liquor cabinet while no one's looking.
“Who even needs a great eye? Anyone could see how beautiful she is. But I do have a great eye.” Hardison reached out to the object of his adoration. “Hey, baby,” he crooned. “You are one good looking piece of-”
Neal rolled his eyes and batted Hardison’s hand away from the tracking anklet. “Could you not stroke the bane of my entire existence? Please?”

Complicated Anatomy of a Liar by Selene Antilles (Leverage/House crossover)
gen; PG-13; ensemble x 2; 7,590 words
Summary: When a Mr. Nathan Baker collapses on a Princeton sidewalk, he winds up in the hospital under care of Dr. House. House is less interested in his health, however, than in his family.

I really liked this story. I was hesitant to read it at first because I had no idea how dark this fic was gonna be, but I'm glad I clicked the link; it was quite a gripping read. I've watched only half a dozen episodes of 'House' but the story seems to be very much in tone with that show. The author's got the whole medical mystery plot down pat, and the Leverage crew interacting with House's team makes for interesting character moments.

Wargames Didn't Play Out Like This by aurora_novarum (Leverage/SG-1)
Gen; PG; Action/Adventure, humor
Summary: Hardison has an unusual run-in with "the Man".
Brilliant! Perfect mash of the two shows, and Hardison provides a fun outsider POV for the suspicious goings-on at the SGC.

I Lie, I Cheat, I Steal (and I Just Don't Get Any Respect) by fiercelydreamed (Leverage/White Collar)
gen-ish with a lot of subtext every which way; Characters: ensemble x 2; genre: hijinks, heist, humor; 6767 words
"All right," Nate says, and smacks his hands together. "Let's go steal a con artist."

Two ensembles, and no character gets short-changed when it comes to personality and characterization (well, I can only guess as to the WC characters as I haven't seen the show, but they feel no less three-dimensional than the Leverage gang.)

The Crossover Job by [ profile] scrunchy (Leverage/Sherlock BBC)
Sophie Devereaux/Gregory Lestrade; PG-13; set in the second half of Leverage Season 2; 7472 words

Excellent crossover. I'm not even familiar with BBC's Sherlock but that didn't hamper my enjoyment of this fic in the least. And, well, I tend to ship Sophie with Nate almost exclusively, didn't know anything about Lestrade other than that he's police, and started this fic mainly because it came recced and has Sophie in a leading role. But I ended up loving her relationship with Lestrade here. It's wonderfully written; these two have great chemistry together and it's intriguing to see her through his POV... it doesn't quite read like your regular outsider POV, and yet it's still a fresh angle. I also like the way their common history is revealed in bits and pieces, adding another facet to Sophie's character.

Sophie Devereaux/Nate Ford

Pursuit by wontquitmydayjob
gen with Sophie/Nate UST; Rated PG; 3977 words
Summary: He didn't want to admit he wasn't chasing her just because it was his job. She didn't want to admit she wasn't trying very hard to get away.
From the author's note: Yeah, it's been done by others, probably others with more writing skill, but who doesn't love Europe and stealing stuff and unresolved sexual tension?

I sure do. *g* Yeah, there are already quite a few good Nate&Sophie backstory fics out there but there's never too much of a good thing, ey? I really love the writing style here, atmospheric and vivid, with lots of attention to detail and great characterization.

This is strictly speaking a WIP and I hope the writer will continue this series, but these first two encounters in Prague and Damascus work well on their own, inspired by their conversation in The Mile High Job. (It's a new ffn account; lets bribe her with feedback so she'll write more in this fandom...)

These Foolish Things (Remind Me of You) by foreverwriting9
2,608; Sophie/Nate; Rating: G
Summary: The seven items Sophie leaves in Nate’s apartment, and his memories connected to them.

Really enjoyable story with a neat structure that gives glimpses into their shared past.

This Word is Not Enough by foreverwriting9
1,069 words; Nate/Sophie; PG; Spoilers: For the end of The Boiler Room Job
Summary: In which Nate and Sophie eat dinner, have a breakthrough in their relationship, and then get slightly drunk.

Just... aww. Totally adorable, pitch-perfect, and a nice followup to that ep.

Reciprocity by scarletts_awry
~4800 words; Sophie/Nate; NC-17
herein: the badger game – a blackmail stratagem in which a man is lured into a sexually compromising position

One of the best Sophie/Nate stories I've read. Love the honest depiction of their relationship, raw and intense and more than a little messed up. (Did I mention smoking hot? That, too.) And excellent blend of con plot and character exploration.

he has the only sophie there is by v-volatile
3,914 words; Sophie/Nate and team; Warnings: violence, rape attempt
Summary: A mark misjudged is a dangerous thing.

A con goes wrong... This story has a more serious tinge (not ultra-dark but definitely not as lighthearted as the show). The characters feel real.

Two Contradictory Ideas by Fleur27
Nate/Sophie UST, PG-13; 5378 words
Summary:When Nate needs help recovering a stolen painting, he turns to Sophie... set pre-series

Four Times Sophie Devereaux Got Shot (And One Time She Didn't) by tenacious_err
PG-13; Sophie/Nate; 2235 words
"If you had played your character properly this wouldn't be a problem!" she yells. "I told you, all you ever manage to play is obnoxious. Being loveable is not your forte."
He frowns. "I can be loveable-"
"The bullet in my leg begs to differ! Next time you play the 'bad guy'."

Two's Company by lillypilly11
3,360 words; PG-13; Sophie/Nate/janitor's closet <-- 'nuff said?; + team in the background; humor/romance
Nate and Sophie hide out for a while in what could be an interesting situation. If only they were alone...

Very cute fic with great voices (actually my favorite line in this one comes from Parker...)

Who Am I Tonight by v-volatile
1,799 words; Sophie/Nate, Romance/Angst
"Not being able to have children, not being able to tell people your real name, having to leave paper trails that are fake, not even being able to share your great successes with family members—it's like we don't exist. It's like we're invisible. Transient," Sophie remarks.

Jealousy by whimoffate
4134 words; Nate/Sophie and team; set after the Maltese Falcon Job
Summary: Jealousy comes in many forms.....
“I'm not jealous of a mark, Sophie.”
“No, but you're jealous of my relationship with the team.”
That's new.
That's one delicious bit of UST, this fic. :) I love the portrayal of Sophie's and Nate's relationship. (Was written before S3 aired but hasn't really been jossed all that much.)

Untitled fic by bandwidth_limit
1050 words; characters: Nate and team; S/N
Summary: Nate puts himself in the line of fire. Again.

Nate can hear him hitting someone in the background. The sound shouldn't be as comforting as it is.
There's probably something wrong with him.
Well, besides the gunshot.

Starting from Zero by Fleur27
Nate/Sophie; set between 2x04 and 2x05; 3,550 words
Summary: Sophie is upset after the break up with The Boyfriend. Nate's there for her.
A cute moment of Sophie/Nate subtext, for those so inclined. :)

If you love the relationship between Sophie and Nate, check out these oneshots by bandwidth_limit, which hit just the right balance of banter, romance, and (mostly unresolved) sexual tension.

Memory serves
Sophie/Nate and team; 757 words
Nate doesn't keep pictures in his apartment. For the most part, it's because he doesn't trust security systems, and his teams safety is more important than knick knacks. It's not that he doesn't trust Hardison's ability to protect the offices, it's just that working with this team had made him realize what a futile practice security really is.

Plan H
Sophie/Nate and team; 1024 words
“Uh-uh, no way. We are not using Plan M.” Hardison enters the room (stage left, Sophie thinks absently), shaking his head emphatically.

It's not always about you
Nate/Sophie; 1299 words
Nate never knew that Sophie ran every morning until she hobbled into his apartment at seven am.

(She's posting one fic a day at the moment so check out her LJ for more.)

Whipped by fivil
team + nathan/sophie, pg, humor, ~ 500 words
(with bonus Eliot/Hardison bickering. Who's the old married couple here...)

three steps forward, three steps back by fivil
nathan/sophie, ~ 1,000 words, pg-13
Spun off an offhand line: a neat bit of backstory.

To Absent Friends by unavoidedcrisis
Nate/Sophie and team; PG-13; Spoilers: 1x08; 2,900 words;
Summary: Sophie suffers from amnesia after an accident, but she doesn't think there's anything wrong.
Insta-rec! The premise is intriguing: Sophie gets lost in the maze of her fictitious identities. I particulary love the intense way Nate's POV is written... watching everything through his eyes, I was completely drawn in.

The Old Sins Job by mizzy2k
Casefic with Sophie/Nate and team; PG-13; 16,600 words
Summary: An old colleague of Nate's is in need of assistance, but will the past interfere?

This fic rocks. Good Sophie/Nate fic is not easy to find to begin with and good, longer Sophie/Nate fic with a con plot is even more elusive. The story was written for me (yeah, I'm not above bribery to get what I want) and it really hits the spot. A con plot in the vein of the show, a very interesting OC, twists, turns, more twists... and Sophie and Nate being, as usual, pretty crap at the whole romance thing (but not hopeless).

Fine Art by fleurlb
Volume One: Untitled by Franz Kline | Volume Two: Office at Night by Edward Hopper | Volume Three: Cityscape 1 (Landscape No. 1) by Richard Diebenkorn | Volume Four: Wheatfield with Crows by Vincent Van Gogh
Sophie/Nate friendship/UST; pre-canon; Series in 4 parts
Summary: series of one-shots focused on three of my favorite things: Nate, Sophie, and art.
I've read several Nate/Sophie backstories that I liked; this is one of my favorites. Characterizations and plot are each tied to a painting, a stylistic device that works really well in setting a certain mood... and suits two characters who share a love of art.

The Secret Relationship Job by Mizzy
Sophie/Nate plus team; R(?); Comedy; Spoilers 3x16; 4198 words
Sophie and Nate keep their relationship secret from the geniuses in their lives. Who also can be idiots on occasion. But really in the end they’re quite clever. No, really. (Oh, and Nate and Sophie accidentally get married.)
Hilariously cracky; I was giggling through the whole fic.

Out in the Open by ijemanja
Sophie/Nate; PG-13; 1870 words
"Sophie Devereaux," he says, letting the mockery colour his tone, "nervous about a role?"
"Oh, I'm not talking about me," she quickly comes back with, "it's you I'm worried about."
"Hey, I've played a few parts now, I've heard no complaints."
"Nate," she gives him an indulgent look, "you do Obnoxious American, and hey, you do it well. Not something I'd want to question too closely, if I were you, why exactly that is, but anyway, this is going to be different."

Authentication by gabolange
Sophie Devereaux, Sophie/Nate; PG-13; 4,680 words
Summary: The stories Sophie creates for the cons are nothing like the stories she creates for Sophie Devereaux.

I just read this fic for the second time: a wonderful, satisfying character study (with bonus background action plot). I just love Sophie, and I love Gabolange's take on her character... or rather, on all the complex personas, all the layers, the lies and the truths that make up Sophie Devereaux.

a day is long or, the south american job by v-volatile
Sophie/Nate UST; Rating: T; teamfic/con/drama; 4,694 words
This was one of those jobs that had Nate up all night imagining bodies strewn on the beach—their bodies, to be exact.
Well-plotted, tense, and very captivating.

Five Scenes on the Death of a First Lady by lillypilly11
Sophie/Nate; PG-13; post-ep for 'The San Lorenzo Job'; 1,300 words
The morning is bright with possibility, promising a new future for the people of San Lorenzo.
For Nate and Sophie, it is merely bright.

Somewhere Between Dinner and an Early Lunch by lillipilly11
Sophie/Nate, PG-13; Romance/Humor; 11,115 words
Summary: A story about what happens when things don't turn out quite the way you expect.
This fic gleefully plays with first-time tropes and narrative structure.

Compasses Point North, I Only Point To You by [ profile] desert (LJ link)
Sophie/Nate, PG; pre-series & mid-S2; 5179 words
Summary: aka, Five times Nate Ford was tempted.
There's almost nothing that amazes him as much as the fact that he can be friends with this woman, despite everything between them.

learning to waltz through the waves by cata_clysmiic
Sophie/Nate; R; 2,430 words
Sophie Devereaux and Nathan Ford in a nutshell: screaming confused one minute, an old married couple the next.

A place for us by cata_clysmiic
Sophie/Nate; pg-13; Spoilers for all 3 seasons; UST/romance; 2,700 words
Summary: “I’m flattered.” Those dark eyes are sparkling in the Syrian moonlight, and her sharp mind is reeling, lightning-quick. “Well, Nathan Ford.” She takes her time saying his name. Each syllable makes his heart beat faster. One stiletto heel is already taking a step backward. “You’ll have to catch me first.”

I'm a total sucker for this pairing and their delightfully complicated, messed-up relationship, and this fic feels true to both characters. Snapshots through ten years of Nate and Sophie's international cat-and-mouse game.

On The Edge of an Answer (Beginnings Are Made) by mizzy2k
Sophie/Nate UST, Nate/Maggie; pre-canon; 2590 words
Nate: Then, 2 years later, I caught up with you in Damascus... caught you, I should say. You turned around, introduced yourself and that's when I met Sophie Devereaux. It'll be 8 years next month.

The Casablanca Job(s) by [personal profile] athousandwinds
PG-13; Nate/Sophie; Spoilers: 1x01, 1x12, 2x02; 2600 words
Summary: Five times Nate saw Sophie act.

various pairings

How Tara Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Patsy Cline by [ profile] hannasus
2873 words; Tara/Eliot; PG
Summary: He was non-specific about the nature of the job on the phone. The only thing he was specific about was how she should dress and the fact that she wasn’t to breathe a word about it to Sophie or anyone else.
“It’s kind of like meeting Charles Manson’s parents and discovering that they’re this nice, normal couple who just happened to raise a cold-blooded killer.”
He pulls back so he can look at her. “Did you just compare me to Charles Manson?”
She shrugs lightly, smirking at him.
“Why are you here again?” he grumbles, but he’s almost sort of smiling.
“Moral support,” she reminds him.

Sacred Union by [ profile] impertinence
Parker/Hardison (and team in the background); PG-13; 11409 words
Summary: Parker and Hardison pretend to be married for a job.

Sorted by [ profile] FayJay
1320 words; Hardison/Eliot; PG-13; humor
Summary: Hardison, bless his geeky wee heart, ponders which Hogwarts House each of the team would be sorted into. Eliot just wants his damn headset fixed. (Dialogue-only)

I think the word I need here is adorkable.

The Fixer by [ profile] jendavis
7358 words; PG-13; Hardison/Eliot and team, cameo by Sterling; casefic
Summary: Hardison misses something, and Eliot hides something, but someone's got a fix for it. The truth will out.

That story would make a cool episode...

What Else Would You Have Me Be? by [ profile] jendavis
Summary: Some jobs changed the team for the better. Some, for the worse, and San Lorenzo hadn't been the first kind. But maybe it hadn't been the second, either.
73,556 words; Eliot-and-Hardison-centric teamfic with a side of H/E; Rated M; casefic/drama/action

Hardison/Eliot as a ship doesn't even do much for me but Jendavis writes such engaging plotfic that I'm getting from her fic what I usually look for in genfic. In the story header only Eliot and Hardison are listed but it's really a casefic that involves the entire team, some villains that aren't to be messed with, and a con that goes slightly a lot wrong. Good times.

The Everlasting by jendavis
52,050 words; Hardison/Eliot (rest of the team in the background); Rating: M; Spoilers thru S2
Summary: It's not really the end of the world, it just looks that way.

What a ride. A gritty post-apocalyptic story with excellent worldbuilding and plot.
(I find apocalypses of the plausible kind, like this one, a lot scarier than zombies or demons.)

The Not Your Teaching Tool Job by [ profile] BlackEyedGirl
Parker/Hardison/Eliot, Nate, Sophie; PG-13; 3751 words
Summary: Parker doesn't understand why it has to be more complicated than: "I want to be with you, I just don't want to sleep with you." It's everyone else who has the problem.

Really excellent character voices, especially Parker.

still wearing my slippers (and eat all the candies at home) by longsufferingly
hardison/parker, 500 words, G

The first day, he brings sandwiches.
"What are these?"
"See, this is a Ruben," he says, putting down the plate. "Corned beef? Rye bread? Sauerkraut? It's a good time on toast."
"Why is it here?"
"You eat fortune cookies for breakfast," he says. "Someone's gotta take care of you."

The Underwire Job by [ profile] Betty and [ profile] Emeraldwoman
Parker/Hardison, Eliot; Rating: says explicit but I'd have gone with PG-13; humor/crack; 4687 words
Summary: Parker recruits Eliot for a side job. Comedy and horror ensue.
And that was why Parker had brought him in, he realized, brokenly, in the ladies' fitting room of Nordstrom's. Parker was assembling her own tiny team for a job. The worst part was, he wasn't sure if he was Sophie in this team, or Nate.

Oddly, once he started thinking of this as a job, and not him being some sort of substitute gal pal, it got a lot easier. This wasn't shopping; it was assembling the required equipment.

Leap of Faith by Fleur27
Parker/Hardison; K+; 3,558 words
Summary: Parker tries to convince Hardison to try cliff diving.
Parker wants to share something happymaking with Hardison. Hardison's not happy.

... and here's a youtube clip I actually recommend watching beforehand so you'll have beautiful, exhilarating visuals to go with the fic. :)
Extreme Cliff Jumping Contest
(The high jumps start around the 4:30 mark.)

y/n by longsufferingly
eliot, hardison/parker, PG sayz reccer, 742 words, spoilers for "Wedding Job"
Short dialog piece with pitch-perfect voices

The No Exit Job by [ profile] shrift
Hardison/Eliot; PG-13; humor; 1000 words
Summary: In which the blueprints are wrong, Hardison and Eliot make out, and nobody mentions French existentialism at all.

Faint Heart Never Won Fair Lady by hackthis
Parker/Maggie, Hardison/Eliot; PG-13; 1466 words
"I'm going to ask Maggie out," Parker announces during lunch, which is mostly a loaf of bread and a jar of jelly. She doesn't like peanut butter much.

It's All So Clear to Me Now by fools_game
PG; Parker POV, background Alec/Eliot and Nate/Sophie
Summary: Parker sees more than some people think.
Strong team/family vibe, great Parker voice!
The first time she fell asleep at Hardison’s she woke up scared out of her brain and nearly took Eliot’s eye when he came to wake her. Because she’d fallen asleep on the couch, and when she woke up she was in an unfamiliar bed, under the blankets, with no shoes on. She’d fallen asleep with other people around. They’d moved her while she slept, and she hadn’t noticed, hadn’t even stirred, and she freaked so hard she was fleeing through the lobby before she realised she was barefoot, and then she had to go back up to get her shoes. Alec gave her coffee as she walked gingerly back in, and there was an omelette waiting for her, and Eliot was hardly smirking at all, so she stayed for breakfast.

Being Responsible by telaryn
Nate/Maggie; R; post-ep for Zanzibar Marketplace Job; 703 words
She'd never set out to be the responsible one.
I love Maggie's POV here!

vid recs

Leverage Team vid: Happy Working Song by mareeana (direct Youtube link)
vidder's summary: OT5 shenanigans! This a group of fucked-up thieves but man, do they love their job. Also, WATCH THIS SHOW!
^ I'm seconding the part about watching this show :)
So this is what Leverage would be like, one imagines, if it was a Disney movie. The song is from Enchanted, and the vidder picked the perfect clips to go with it. This vid is so cracky and charming and funny, I want to draw sparkly hearts all around it.

Get the Party Started by [ profile] rhoboat (Leverage/White Collar)
(download & streaming vid)
Summary: They're having so much fun, it's illegal.

The vid had me hooked right from the intro... it's shiny and a lot of fun. These two shows want to be crossed over!

Leverage/Inception Trailer Mashup
Wouldn't have thought that Leverage as a non-sci-fi show would have enough out-there footage to create that dreamscape feel, but, heh, no problem there. The dialog doesn't quite sync up in a few places (tricky to achieve, I imagine) but other times it fits almost perfectly. Overall cool mash-up.

Leverage - A Pict Song by hickumu
gen; Nate and team; lyrics that fit like a glove (or, as we'd say in German: like the fist on the eye, and that sounds appropriate too ;)
We are the worm in the wood! / We are the rot at the root! / We are the taint in the blood! / We are the thorn in the foot!
Mistletoe killing an oak / Rats gnawing cables in two / Moths making holes in a cloak / How they must love what they do!
Yes -- and we little folk too / We are as busy as they / Working our works out of view / Watch, and you'll see it someday

LEVERAGE // run this town
gen; team but mostly Eliot; action; spoilers for s3 finale
Lighthearted as this show is, you never forget that all of these guys have their dark sides and can be pretty badass and scary. Eliot most of all.

(I like the song, too. I dunno, sounds like a blend of pop, rap, and movie score? It works really well with the clips, anyway. One of the things I like about fanvids is that I discover new music that way.)

Imma Be by [personal profile] talitha78
Wow, one of the best-cut vids I've seen. The timing is amazing... not just of the clips themselves, even beats within the clips. I want to watch this over and over.
Characters: Parker, Hardison, some Eliot. (My summary would be "Hardison and Parker, how are you so awesome?!")

Three team vids... showing them all being awesome and competent and doing what they do best. Working together. As a team. Kindalike a family, really. Man, I love this show.
In the ayer by renenet
Tick Tock (4 minutes) by wyomingnot
Leverage High Five by Elenitahbb

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