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Rec of the day

Huh, I thought I'd already rec'd this but apparently not:
Chuck vs the Strange Bedfellows by sharpasamarble
83,839 words; Chuck/Sarah/plot; Rating: T; Action/Adventure/Drama
Summary: With Valentine's Day approaching, Chuck decides Sarah's tears on the helipad might indicate a change of heart about the two of them dating for real. But work gets in the way in a new, and possibly permanent, fashion.

This story has references to two previous fics, "Chuck vs Auld Lang Syne" and "Chuck vs Five Men, One with a Knife", which I think you don't need to be familiar with for this one but which are both very good, too. (I rec'd CVFMOWAK here... still one of my fave Chuck fics; in fact I'd probably start with that one.)

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