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Somebody buy me a vowel...
'cause, wOw. I think the comic went down rather well. *g* The response is just totally overwhelming.

Never thought I'd get to say this, but those are too many comments to answer right away... please bear with me. I'll get to them later - ironically, I'm barely online at the moment because I twisted a back muscle in sports class and sitting kinda hurts. Well, not sitting also hurts, but less. (German saying: sports is murder. Yup)

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Holy crap, girl, are you ever GOOD!

The comic, she is amazing. Really bloody amazing.

I make fan Spander fanart, hang out mainly in Bloodclaim- we have so few fanartists, and fewer still that make hand-drawn artwork. And yours? Rocks my world.

Friending you at once!

Thanks. Yeah, there's very little hand-drawn fanart... I seem to have found a niche. Pity it takes so bloody long.

Friending you at once!
I hope you won't find my journal too boring after this - I mean, this is the most excitement I had here since I started this thing :)

I've found my little niche, too! Most of the artists in my fandom make photomanips, which I don't know how to do at all (and don't really want to, because I'm all about the hand and the paper).

So far my work has been fast stuff: everything from super-quick sketches to maybe a couple hours at most per piece.
At Bloodclaim, I've posted a few stand-alone drawings, but mostly have been illustrating fics that catch my eye: lit_gal's slave fic Beautiful Broken, jans_intentions's AU series Kept, and nasty_shrew's QAF-crossover Hellmouth Liberty. Of course, this is all S/X slash, which I know isn't to everyone's taste, but it's my happy little playground!

Have noticed that some other fandoms, for instance Harry Potter, boasts a huge amount of really good hand-drawn work, but... it's just not my thing.

Again, congratulations on the beauty of your comic, and you have my complete admiration for the sheer willpower and patience it must have taken to stick with it!

Have you got a link to your sketches? I'm always curious about others' artwork. You should check out jwaneeta's fanart. She does the illustrations for Three Deep, among many other things, and she's very, very good. (Three Deep is not to be missed either - a new virtual BtVS/AtS virtual season crossover extravaganza.)

Harry Potter, I noticed that. A lot of well-drawn fanart. Most of it seems to be manga style which is not really my thing, but still. It just surprises me because most of the HP fanfic I see is so... well, terrible.

Yeah, manga is not my thing either, but I admire the skill of some of those artists... and oh nonono, I can't bring myself to read the fanfics. Even if they're really good. Because to me it all looks like underage schoolkids, and that's kinda squicky for me. But, to each her own, naturally...

Linkage: I've been too lazy to organise my own memories, but fortunately the fanfic author with whom I work most closely has collated almost everything I've done, here:
(You may notice that nothing's older than four months. Yep,I'm a newbie. And so is Litgal, despite her frankly awe-inspiring output.)

And thank you VERY much for the link to Three Deep- I'd heard about it, it looks *astonishing*... and to jwaneeta- I look forward to checking her out!

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