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more Avengers fanart
Not the Budapest pic I'm meaning to do, but I needed something for the background...

Gonna do some action scene next. :)

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This makes me want to watch those two in action so bad. Why isn't there a movie with just the two of them? *whines* Okay, Coulson can be in it too.

Die you watch the extended fight scene on the viaduct? I'm so bummed half of that didn't make it into the movie. I'd hope for the director's cut but the deleted scene didn't have the effects yet. Wah. They are so great together, fighting side by sight.

I don't think so. I got the plain dvd and there was just one extra on it. Hm, I heard there won't be a director's cut. :( Waiting for my US version to arrive. Want to listen to the audio commentary so bad.

Those are both really cool!!!! Love the expression on the b&w and all the movement in the color!

I want to do scene with more action next, soon as I find some time. :)

Oh my GOD, I almost missed this. GORGEOUS! You make them look so beautiful and fierce and human!

Thank you so much! :O)
I should probably link this from be_compromised, come to think of it.

this is brilliant!
can't waite to see more of them in a movie of there own (with Coulson as a babysitter or something like that ^^)

Glad you like. Re. movie, I'm not getting my hopes up but man, would I love to see that.

Wow, that is REALLY good!

This is great! I love how badass they both look.

This is fantastic. I love the colours!

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