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fic recs master list - Agents of SHIELD

All my AoS recs to date... around 60, all in all. :)

Gen and/or teamfic | various pairings

This Is No Broken Heart by [ profile] nerdwegian
Gen; Skye&May, Skye&Ward; friendship/team/character study; teen; 4057 words
Summary: Five steps along the way to becoming a team.

Terrific Skye POV. I love the subtle characterization and the slow building of her relationships with her team members, especially May and Ward.

Coffee Break by [ profile] cat_77
Gen; Skye, Coulson, May; teen; 1306 words
Summary: Do not try to shakedown the man in the Dolce & Gabbana suit - it's never a good idea.
"And you feel that threatening a supposed agent of an international organization known for its explosive tendencies is the best way to obtain this favor?" Phil verified. He didn't bother to try to keep the incredulousness out of his voice.
In the Belly of the Bus by [ profile] toucanpie
Summary: A series of snapshots from the team's first few months together.
Gen; characters: Fitz, Skye, Ward, May; Hill, Simmons; G; 3254 words
"If we don't make it out of this alive, then Fitz, I want you to know there's something I always meant to tell you."
"Guys," Grant said. "Guys, it's a training exercise."
Put a bird on it and call it art by [ profile] whetherwoman
Gen; humor/mission fic/team; G; 3656 words
“Is that an episode of Portlandia?” Skye blurted.
“Just background research,” Coulson said with dignity. “I encourage you all to do a little research of your own before we land. We want to make sure we’re correctly identifying any alien occurrences, not targeting any normal activity.”

I'll Be The Rock Star If You'll Be The Scientist by [ profile] nerdwegian
plotty teamfic with Skye/Simmons (background Clint/Coulson); dinosaurs on a plane/humor/crack; teen; 10681 words
Summary: "Wait, wait, wait! Sir, are you telling me the dinosaur escaped our plane in your flying car?"

Won't Live to See Tomorrow by [ profile] hetrez
Gen; Grant Ward & Wade Wilson, OCs; action/humor; 3596 words
Summary: Grant says, "I am normally a nicer and more genuine person. But I have been awake for twenty-four hours and had a fucking obnoxious day, so I'm only going to say this once. Stop singing, or I will end your life."

Ward has to deliver an asset for Coulson. Fun times.
(The OCs are so well-written, first I thought this was a crossover with some cop show.)

there's no i in team (but there is in S.H.I.E.L.D.) by [ profile] hardlygolden
Gen; Skye, Ward, May; G; 1311 words
Skye's painfully aware of exactly how they got into this mess– it starts with S and rhymes with FIELD – but right now she’s not in the mood to be rational.
    She’s not in the mood to be much of anything, sitting here locked in a transport freezer full of meat, at sub-zero temperatures, wearing nothing but her underwear, and if Ward makes one comment about the polka dot pattern – well, he’ll live to regret it, that’s for sure.

Shield ficlet set during the early days...
As the Dust Falls by [ profile] the-agent-and-the-anarchist
Skye & Ward; 1342 words
“I couldn’t sleep. Everything’s fine. Go back to bed.”
She doesn’t.
“What?” he finally says.
She wrinkles her nose. “It’s weird to see you in pajamas.”
He glances down at the black sweatpants and the worn grey t-shirt with the red university logo. “Weird how?”
“It’s… reassuring. Like, you’re a person, not an action figure.”
Anchor by [ profile] betweenthepages
Melinda May & Phil Coulson; 5things/friendship/love; future character death; teen; 2513 words
Summary: Five times Phil Coulson thought he'd lost Melinda May, and the one time he did.

Oh man. This story is sad... but it's such a love letter to Melinda May, it's really beautiful.

Here is a much more lighthearted Melinda&Phil piece to balance it out:
Take Out by [ profile] kaffyrutsky
Gen; May&Coulson; humor/action/vignette; teen; 560 words
Summary: What goes with a commandeered Kalashnikov? Probably not jardiniera.

Hell's Gate by [ profile] Mhalachai
Gen; Coulson, Natasha, bg team; teen; 5371 words
Summary: In the wake of revelations of Skye’s past, Phil Coulson wasn’t expecting to find out what happened to Skye’s parents, and certainly not from a former Russian agent turned SHIELD operative showing up unannounced on his plane. (Set after 1x12 Seeds)

This is interesting!

A SHIELD/Thor crossover with great voices:
Number One Crush by [ profile] Niobium
Gen; Coulson's team, Thor&Co; crossover/jackbooted thugs doing their thing/humor; G; 3740 words
Summary: A few weeks after they clean up Malakeith’s mess in Greenwich, Coulson’s team is sent back to London to pay someone a visit.

Number One Fan by [ profile] Niobium
Gen; Sitwell, Clint; teen; 739 words
Summary: Clint Barton is a handful. (A coda for the previously recced Number One Crush; I'd read that first.)

In Which Everybody Ignores Grant’s Wishes...Again by [ profile] Frea_O
Gen; Ward, Skye, Simmons; team bonding/h/c; teen; 1467 words
Summary: They really should listen to him when he tells them to run.

The In-between by [ profile] donutsweeper
Gen; Ward, May, FitzSimmons; h/c/team bonding; rated G; 1736 words
Summary: It is said that a team's interaction is best seen in the time after the operation has finished, but before the extraction and their return to base.

In which the others have Ward's back in the field.

Pitch-perfect tag for The Hub: May and Ward share a moment and a drink:
The Drawbacks of Being Level Seven by [ profile] Lokei
Gen; Melinda May & Grant Ward; G; post-ep; 718 words
Summary: „Have you ever noticed,“ Ward asks in a carefully emotionless tone, „that the people we work for can be utter bastards?“
„I’m not sure that’s fair to the illegitimate children in this case,“ May says as she slides onto a stool beside him and pulls over an extra glass. „But yes, I’ve noticed.“

Agent Melinda May had absolutely zero intention of becoming Team Mommy, and so far she prided herself on having done a good job of avoiding it. She absolutely didn’t believe in coddling, she wasn’t interested in getting all that good at comforting, and she was not at all willing to put herself in the position of too much caring whatsoever. Not after last time.
Polyglot in Collective by [ profile] BlackEyedGirl
Gen; Skye & Ward, plus ensemble; teen; 1928 words
Summary: The thing she realises? It's not that Fitz and Simmons don’t speak English, it's that Ward doesn't speak person.
She can’t imagine him as James Bond, doesn’t know what he would look like if he was acting, using the spy techniques she’s sure someone taught him back in ‘the Academy’ or whatever. She only knows what he looks like when he’s with her, which has so far mostly been either ‘dead inside’, ‘shooting things’ or ‘what the hell?’.
Boys don't cry by [ profile] sirona
Gen; Skye & Ward; team feelings; spoilers through 1x08; 1260 words
Summary: Ward gets hurt in the process of keeping certain members of his team from getting killed trying to help him, and tries to patch himself up alone. His team decides that his lone wolf act is way overrated.

She's Got Issues by [personal profile] cat_77 (Avengers/Shield)
Gen; Skye, Coulson, Tony Stark, team(s); crossover; teen; 6387 words
Summary: Coulson comes through and gets Skye a lead on her family. The meeting does not go quite as she had expected.

A scenario that will most certainly be jossed, but I like how it's explored in this story.

Mascot by [ profile] philote_auctor
Gen; team; teen; 3814 words
Summary: "And every good team needs a mascot.” She bites her tongue to keep in the thought that comes on its heels—that every good family needs a pet.
In which Skye adopts an orphaned dog, much to the varying delight and chagrin of her teammates.

dot your t's and cross your i's by [ profile] betony
Gen; Fitzsimmsons, May; snapshots; G; 2160 words
Summary: Three forms Jemma Simmons filled out for S.H.I.E.L.D., and one she hasn't (yet).

Like A Sail's Force Into The Night by [ profile] torakowalski
Gen; team; rated G; 2336 words
Summary: In which there is terrible coffee, board games, and team bonding.

Team bonding over board games... the author was positively clairvoyant with this fic. *g*

Story Gets Bigger Every Year by [ profile] aliassmith
Gen; Melinda May and Hill, Skye; backstory/snapshots; G; 1530 words
Summary: "The cavalry's arrived."

The Senior Prank by [ profile] Liviania
Gen; FitzSimmons, Hill, Coulson; backstory/humor; 1020 words
Summary: Fitz and Simmons know just how they're going to prank everybody at the Academy.

babysitting by [ profile] toqueso (Avengers/Shield)
Gen; Avengers & Phil & Phil's team; teen; 2775 words
Summary: Phil's old kids come to check up on him.
Jenna Simmons is the first to notice his presence. “Sir! Look who came by!” She points at the visiting duo, her voice cracking a bit. “That’s Tony Stark…and Bruce Banner!” There are stars in her eyes. Phil looks at Leo Fitz and sees similar adoration in his eyes; he mentally revises the situation to a Code Red. Ripping children apart after they’ve grown attached is so much messier.
Moving Forward by [ profile] betweenthepages
Gen; May & Coulson; G; 991 words
Summary: After 1x11, Melinda thinks of Bahrain and Phil.
She's spent years pushing away the memories of Bahrain, and she'd succeeded, for the most part. Not even the Beserker Staff had brought back the images of what happened in that warehouse. That wasn't the terrifying part, not for her, anyway. The stuff of her nightmares was not what happened in that warehouse but what happened afterwards.
Stick the Landing by [ profile] Lokei
Gen; team; FZZT tag/character studies; rated g; 1142 words
Summary: Over the Atlantic, the quiet of a late night is not the same as rest--but Jemma Simmons is not the only resilient one. Some of them just bounce back more erratically.

Sending in the Cavalry by [ profile] Frea_O
Gen; Melinda May & Peggy Carter; character study/origin of SHIELD; rated G; 3356 words
Summary: The first time Melinda May met Margaret Carter, she was seven. Peggy Carter was fifty-seven. A story about mentorship in the face of a changing world.

Carlotta by [ profile] psalmoflife
Gen; Skye, Ward, team; post ep5; spies and secret agents; rated G; 1435 words
Summary: When Ward is sent on a honeypot mission, Skye bets him that he won't be able to seduce the mark.

It's an origins story by [ profile] nyargles (Agents of Shield)
Gen, FitzSimmons backstory; G; 1606 words
Summary: It's not a very exciting origins story. It's not like Tony Stark becoming Iron Man or the tale of Captain America. It's not about their abusive childhoods or freak accidents being the cause of special powers. It's about a lot of hard work and a lot of swearing. It's about tears and dreams and talking too much, too quickly, and professors who didn't believe in their genius. It's Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons and SHIELD. It's Fitz-Simmons.

Watch and Learn by [ profile] ferggirl
mostly Gen; Ward & FitzSimmons (bit of W/S); teen; 1281 words
Summary: The first time Grant Ward is given “lab duty” he whines.
He’s not ashamed to admit it. He’s a highly trained specialist, capable of executing complex missions, eliminating those in his way.
He is not a babysitter.

Every Single Tree by [ profile] greenet
Gen; Ward & team; humor; rated G; 1030 words
Summary: It takes Ward two months, more near misses and fuck ups than he's had in his entire career so far, and a visit from Hawkeye before he goes "fuck it" and embraces the fact that he's an asshole robot.
Weirdly, that makes people like him more.

Ride, Sally, Ride by [ profile] Isabear
Gen; Skye, Coulson, Lola; teen; 1946 words
Summary: Skye never meant for this to happen, and the normally badass Coulson is not having his best day. Luckily, they have one sweet ride.

The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship by [ profile] psocoptera
Gen; Amador, Fury; 1x04 tag; 176 words
Summary: </b>Akela Amador, after.

Redistribution by [ profile] Tieleen
Gen; team; humor/crack/Avengers crossover (of a sort?); G; 1161 words
Summary: "Sir, I wish you'd please focus," Fitz says. Somewhere in a corner of his mind that isn't taken up with more important things, Phil notes that it's amazing he can achieve this level of hyperventilation and still be conscious. "Jemma's already destroyed half of the lab. I have a hole in my chest. OH MY GOD, I HAVE A HOLE IN MY CHEST."

Six times Melinda May spent time with a member of the Avengers Initiative by [ profile] Minnow (archive-locked)
Melinda May, and Coulson's team, Avengers, Pepper, Bucky Barnes; bit of Melinda/Bruce; character study; teen; 5588 words
Summary: Melinda May, interacting with her own team and that of the Avengers.

How Ward Thought Fitz and Simmons Were Shagging When They Were, In fact, Not by [ profile] Stargazing
Gen; FitzSimmons & Wards; teen; 441 words
Summary: What it says on the tin. Featuring awkward confrontations, long sciencey conversations, geeky movies, Grant Ward trying to find his place, and a sort of love not often seen with this level of stunning perfection and intensity.
Technically chapter 1/?, but this works as a short standalone ficlet. Though I hope the writer will continue because I like the sense of humor in it.

Dubious by [ profile] cat_77
Gen; team character study; teen; 1604 words
Summary: No one actually remembered signing any contract.

various pairings


if i drown tonight by [ profile] starfishing
Ward/Skye; gratuitous earkissing (Is that a thing? It should be a thing)/fluff/humor; M; 2174 words
Summary: it occurs to ward that he's not precisely maintaining control of this situation.
Her grin is sharklike, but her eyes are too bright for malice. "C'mon, I know that's where they hid your secret switch."


M.O.D. are you out there? by [ profile] pollyrepeat
Skye/Simmons; romance/humor; teen; 1954 words
Summary: Look at me, Skye thought, but the creepy telepathic bio-engineering that had been going on in the basement of tonight's party clearly hadn't rubbed off on her.

Adorable. Love the Skye POV!

Follow Me, I Know A Shortcut by [ profile] nerdwegian
Skye/Simmons; humor; G; 1547 words
Summary: Jemma is acting weird around Skye.

In which Jemma is awful at flirting. Like. Really, really terrible.

Of Chemistry and Nerve by [ profile] sheg0
Simmons/Skye and team; mild action/bad girl shenanigans; M; 12501 words
Summary: They stumbled into this dance and neither really know the steps. But they improvise. Set after "The Magical Place."

Staring At Emotion by [ profile] nerdwegian
Skye/Jemma; teen; 1235 words
Summary: "You got drugged," Jemma says with a slight apologetic wince. One of her hands smooths Skye's hair back from her forehead, and it feels really nice.

Very cute fic.

It's All About Biochemistry by [ profile] Selenay
Simmons/Skye; humor/romance; teen; 2467 words
Jemma pulled in a calming breath. "Just. I'm not really used to this kind of thing yet."
"What kind of thing?"
"Post emotional crisis kissing," Jemma said. "It's new to me."

Don't Run (Stop Holding Your Tongue) by [ profile] nerdwegian
Skye/Simmons & team; fluff; teen; 2512 words
Summary: It's not Skye's birthday. Really. (Probably.)

Girls' Night Out by [ profile] Elleth
Skye/Simmons; fluff; teen; 1719 words
Summary: Wilderness survival training à la Skye and Jemma. Written for the "by the fire" prompt for the first day of Femslash Yuletide on tumblr.


they say you and me are tautology by [ profile] owlvsdove
Fitz/Simmons and team; fluff; 1778 words
“You can’t tie a tie?”
“It’s not a big deal.”


If you’ll be my star, I’ll be your sky by [ profile] twistedsky
Simmons/Ward and team (bg Skye/Fitz); romance/friendship/spies and secret agents; M; 16624 words
Summary: “What is this, Hercules? Do I need to find you singing goddesses so that you’ll stop being so emotionally constipated?”

I like the slow build of the relationship, with glimpes at missions sprinkled in here and there.

Liar, Liar by [ profile] smilinstar
Ward/Simmons; romance/slow burn/humor; PG-13; 4640 words
Summary: “Of all the people to get caught by, Simmons hadn’t even been a fleeting consideration.”

Really charming fic.

Miles to go by [ profile] ferggirl
Simmons/Ward and May; spies and science geeks; teen; 3122 words
Summary: Jemma's too busy with science to follow the rules. Grant gets to use those glasses again. Melinda races the clock. Also there's some lovely dramatic rain.

I Keep On Falling by [ profile] notababoonbrandishingastick / [ profile] ferggirl
Simmons/Ward (and Fitz, Skye); tag for 1x06; teen; 2000 words
Summary: In her dreams, she’s still falling through the sky.

Just Breathe by [ profile] ferggirl
Simmons & Ward; 1x06 missing scene; G; 762 words
Summary: What happens when they hit the water.

Falling apart by [ profile] ferggirl
Ward/Simmons (subtext at most), Coulson; 1300 words
He hadn’t wanted a team in the first place. Why does it bother him so much to see this one falling apart?


A Porcupine for People Skills by [ profile] smitey_mcsmiterten
Fitz/Ward, plus Simmons, Coulson, Tony Stark; humor/romance; teen; 2066 words
Summary:"What is your - study about?" Ward asks him while they sit in a dark van in the middle of a bloody alleyway, watching a couple of "potential national security threats" wait out on the corner.
"I'm observing how the level of aesthetic countenance in an individual relates to their likelihood of having a discourteous personality type."

(There's a bit of a punctuation hickup in the first few paragraphs that almost looks like some formatting may habe been swallowed, but disregard that: the fic is really cute and endearing.)


Blur by [ profile] storiesfortravellers
Ward/May; 1x08 post-ep; emotional h/c; rated M [though I can't see why]; 1083 words
Summary: Ward tries to remember what happened that night between himself and Melinda.

Let Me Help You by [ profile] kitlee625
May/Ward, and Coulson, Skye; episode tag for 1x08; teen; 2207 words
author's notes: This is my version of what happened after the door closed, with the picture of Ward in a towel from Twitter as inspiration. (It's like one of those essays that you write in school based on a picture of like a cat in a tree with a dog barking at it.)


The other day I rec'd 'Won't Live to See Tomorrow' in which Grant Ward is tasked with escorting Wade Wilson from jail. That fic is actually part of a three-part series so I checked out the rest, and I really enjoyed all three. It's a very appealing combination of Hawkeyeverse/Avengers/Agents of Shield. (And I find that AoS Coulson/Hawkguy really works for me here, while I'm normally not a C/C fan. Huh. Their issues... sort of complement each other in interesting ways.)

The Coulson Uncertainty Principle by [ profile] hetrez
Coulson/Clint, Kate, Avengers, Phil's team, and the tracksuit mafia; action/relationship/team; M; 18229 words
Summary: Seventy-two hours in the life of Phil Coulson. Road trips, fist fights, secret rooms, medical tape, teamwork, kissing, and the healing of Phil's broken heart.

Won't Live to See Tomorrow by [ profile] hetrez
Gen; Grant Ward & Wade Wilson, OCs; action/humor; 3596 words

After Action Is More Action by [ profile] hetrez
Coulson/Clint and Kate, Phil's team, Fury; relationship/friendship/team; 19117 words
Summary: "Yeah, but we're a thing now, so I wanna impress you," Clint says.
Phil fights with his best friend, takes on a new project, tries to negotiate an open relationship, reconnects with his team, and spends time with the man he is falling in love with.


At A Loss For Words by [ profile] ConcertiGrossi
May/Coulson, Fury, Sitwell; humor/secret agents off the clock; teen; 2974 words
June 9th, 2000: Melinda May has a hot date for the Party of the Year, and her boyfriend is about to meet one of his childhood heroes. What could possibly go wrong?

This made me chuckle more than once, and I love the easy friendship between May, Coulson and Fury.

Merry Happy by kitlee625, Sarahastro
May/Coulson and Barton, Fury, Hill, Romanoff; backstory/spies & secret agents/SHIELD; explicit; 9639 words
Summary: Yeah you make me merry, make me very, very happy
But you obviously, you didn't want to stick around
So I learnt from you

Phil Coulson v2.0 by [ profile] Selmak
Phil Coulson/Melinda May, and team; teen; 3062 words
Summary: After the Battle of New York, Phil Coulson isn't sure who or what he is. An old friend helps ease his mind.
When Coulson is given a new assignment by a Nick Fury, who couldn't quite meet his eyes, he accepts on the condition that he gets to pick his team. His team, this Phil Coulson's team, will not have a single member that witnessed the Battle of New York from the sky. Not a single member that saw Phil Coulson die.

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