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I've taken up Yoga again and I'm enjoying it. I quit yoga class about four years ago because with the contant influx of newbies we were rarely getting into any of the more challenging stuff, plus I already had a gym membership and the climbing wall doesn't come cheap, and all the expenses added up.

But I had to realize recently that yoga isn't a luxury for me but a necessity - I've been getting stiff as hell. Any longer and I'd get real back problems. When I went to a trial class, I couldn't do movements that were no problem four years ago. Yikes. After two times, I feel like there's already a tiny improvement, back's started to loosen up a bit and after the second class my lower back didn't hurt like it did after the first one. (Forget about actually challenging stuff... I'll be happy sticking to the basics...)

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Yeah, I've found that yoga makes a real difference in flexibility for me too. What's your favorite pose?

Good question. I used to have a fave one that I always suggested when we the teacher asked for our wishes. But I totally forgot which one that was... been so long. Right now it's the combination of everything that works wonders for me.

I would love to get back into yoga. right now my orthopedic surgeon forbids it. Enjoy yours

Thanks. :) It feels better than a massage right now, and the effect lasts longer.

and has some nice health benefits.

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