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My new year's resolution is to read at least 1000 kanji by the end of the year, and to that purpose I've joined A few friends have been using their system to drill kanji and the results are rad.

Couple years ago I signed up for N3 of the JLPT to motivate myself to study kanji and vocab, and it did work in that I got just enough of the material stuffed in my short term memory to pass... but most of that fell out of my head right after, so I decided it's pointless to study for tests I don't even need. Wanikani otoh is studying for studying's sake... it's a bit like a computer game, with levels you can reach, and I can do it from my mobile so it seems like a more productive use of my bus rides than just playing Candy Crush.

The beginning is excruciatingly slow especially if you already know some Japanese, but I was assured that soon enough you get more lessons and quizzes than you can handle in a day. I've already unlocked the first kanji. :) Their system of spaced learning looks very sound.

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Sounds great, but... I need this for Simplified Chinese, not Kanji. Hmmm. Otherwise, I would totally sign up right away.

Have you checked out ? A friend of mine just mentioned it.

Interesting concept! I took a look, but I couldn't see more than the basic building blocks (and I need something to drill vocabulary). But the idea with the graphics is cute.

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