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Bones fic recs - the Big Damn List
I have compiled all my previous Bones fanfic recs in this nicely comprehensive list. I'll update this post whenever I got a new recs post. The stories are roughly categorized by length... it's just the criterion that makes the most sense to me.

[last updated: June 18, 2007]

novel-length/multichapter fics | novella-length | one-shots | post-eps and ficlets | vids | comics/cartoons | WIPs/updates

If you notice any broken links, please let me know. Likewise, if you're thinking, "Why the hell is she listing my 20-chapter epic under 'ficlets'?"... poke me so that I can correct the error.

novel-length/multichapter fics:

The Woman in the Riverbed by dutchrub [eta: now COMPLETE, 75,451 words]
"Brennan's skills are tested and her beliefs are challenged when a body found in a park unveils the darkest part human nature. Pre Soldier on the Grave. [BB]"
Casefile. So far, six fairly long chapters are out, and they are excellent. The author does a convincing job emulating the squintspeak scientific lingo, and the case is compelling.
One of the best casefile-style fics to be found at the pit fanfiction.net.

The Acid Test by labsquint
Summary: A man is killed by a bomb at the Reflecting Pool in downtown D.C. But when Brennan and Booth clash over how to handle the case and their relationship is indelibly changed, will their partnership and their friendship be able to survive? 31,649 words
I love how much scientific detail goes into writing this fic. Very intriguing case, and great characterization as well. The lab scenes ring really true, and the squintspeak sounds spot on.

Servare Vitas by newscaper (ffn link)
Summary: To Save Lives. A Bones Novel. COMPLETE! Brennan helps Booth try to lay old ghosts to rest as he becomes a sniper for the FBI, a decision with life and death consequences that could change everything. BoothBrennan. Lang&Viol.
Novel length (make that a long novel, at 99,000 words); Spoilers: none beyond season one

"Servare Vitas" is centered around Booth and his army sniper background. The story has got all my fanfic reader's heart desires: an evocative writing style, an effortless blend of romance and action, a fantastic plot, convincing characterization. We get some more backstory for Booth, backstory which brings yet more depth to his character and ties in neatly with the plot. I don’t want to spoil the plot itself so I’ll leave it at that - trust me, you want to be surprised.

The writing: very descriptive, with a staggering level of technical detail (and I mean, staggering) which adds to the overall sense of realism; it’s intense, at times unsparing in its depiction of violence, but never in danger of going overboard or slipping into melodrama.

... and on top of it, we got a tension level that keeps inexplicably rising until the reader is reduced to a nervous wreck, compulsively checking the web for story updates.

Or maybe that was just me. ;o)

Probably the best fic I've read in this fandom thus far. Even if you have little interest in fanfic, I'd urge you to give this one a try. Yup, yet another fanfic that beats the officially published tie-in novel hands down.

Orion Ale by spikendru (Bones/BtVS crossover)
Characters: Zach Addy & Andrew Wells, Dr. Daniel Goodman, Giles, Willow, and various other characters from both shows.
Rating: PG-13; Spoilers: later seasons of Buffy/Angel; set in Bones S2
[Length: ca 20,000 words]
Summary: Followers of an ancient, bloodthirsty, Celtic god think they have discovered a way to bring him back. The only ones that can stop them are the reformed Watchers' Council—if they can retrieve some ancient artifacts before the cult gets them first. When Rupert Giles discovers that at least one of the artifacts is in the possession of the Jeffersonian Institute, he sends his right-hand man, Andrew Wells, to retrieve it.

I’m really amazed how well these two verses mesh here while those two shows don’t exactly lend themselves to be crossed over. I don’t read many Whedonverse/Bones crossovers but I’m happy I found this one. What makes this such an enjoyable read is the spot-on dialog. The story is centered around Zack from Bones and Andrew from Buffy and watching them interact is so much fun, when the voices are that well written. The story’s got a satisfying plot as well, and vivid descriptions that draw you right in. On top of that, it's funny as hell. In short, go, read. :)

Maternal Instinct by tempecameron/daydreamer
Summary: Dr. Temperance Brennan can handle remains that are thousands of years old, but can she keep up with one small child? BB pairing, rated T for a fun chapter later.
Yep, this one's fluff. But more than that, it's well-written fluff which is a rare and precious thing. The dialogues are top notch, particularly the kid's voice (the author works in a daycare center, according to her user info...) The way she handles the UST is fantastic - usually I'm not much for shipper fic, I prefer gen. But though this is classified as BB, the relationship here is written subtly, tantalizing. Besides that, the story is genuinely cute and funny.

Drink Deeply by SkylaraK 41,528 words
The bodies of several missing hikers are found in a storage space.
Again, I'm only a few chapters in but I didn't want to wait reccing this; it's an entertaining read and the case is shaping up to be quite exciting. Casefile with B/B romance as well. [now complete]

The Evil That Men Do by lisaroquin
Supernatural/Bones crossover. Long plotfic with an interesting (and rather gruesome) case. Well-written, too. There's the occasional typo and oddly phrased sentence, and the fic is more Supernatural than Bones in that the characterization of the Winchester brothers has considerably more depth than that of the Bones crew - but plot and action more than make up for that! The first few pages read a little bumpy since I never watched Supernatural and had no clue who these characters were... but I got sucked into the story pretty quickly, and invested in the characters... in fact I got so interested that I actually downloaded the pilot yesterday (and can I say, creepy!) and I think I'm gonna check out the next episodes as well. I highly recommend this one, if you like your fanfic with an intriguing plot.

Profile by Micky Fine
Summary: Brennan and Booth work with a profiler to catch a serial killer but when Brennan goes undercover, things get interesting.
Satisfying, long casefile with a good dose of UST, a convincing plot, and great dialog. BB; 43,000 words

Two Bodies in Denial by Sarramaks
Summary: Fluff with a plot. Booth and Brennan compete against the weather and other factors to catch a killer before another life is taken, and step out of denial of their feelings.
Long, descriptive story with an interesting casefile. The fic could benefit from a quick beta'ing... minor stuff; like some of the dialog tags sound a bit clunky to my ears, and there's the occasional typo and briticism. Doesn't keep it from being an engaging read, mind; I'm eagerly awaiting each new chapter.

The Collector by Joshua Phelps
Summary: Booth and Bones find themselves on the trail of a killer, who doesn't leave all of the victim behind.
Plotfic, complete with casefile and intriguing OC. Warning: Some of the depictions of violence, particularly near the end, are so drastic that I had trouble reading through them, and considering the subject matter the ending felt a little rushed. Overall it was a gripping read.

Cliff Notes by MintExpresso
Summary: When a journalist is discovered at the bottom of a cliff, it’s up to Brennan and Booth to catch the murderer and uncover the news that someone killed to protect.
15,222 words. Casefile. Great chemistry between Booth and Brennan and an original plot.

Absent Friends by imloopy
Summary: FBI agents are turning up dead. Now Booth is missing. And Brennan has a body to work on... 13,500 words
I read this one as a WIP. For once, following a story as it was updated added to the fun... for the author takes a devilish delight in ending her chapters with cliffhangers. So, just imagine having to wait a day between chapters to get the full reading experience *g*.

The Boy at the Building Site by imloopy
Summary: Dr Brennan is called in when a boy's body is found at a building site. Agent Booth wants to help out but he has problems of his own. Can they help and support each other? 38,500 words; Casefile; Mystery/Romance; B/B.

A Real Vacation by imloopy
Summary: Agent Booth is in hospital. Bones offers to care for Parker temporarily. But will it turn out to be the real vacation she was imagining? How close do you feel to someone by living their life? And will Parker ever learn to ride his bike? 32,000 words
The premise sounds similar to tempecameron's Maternal Instinct - Brennan looking after Parker - but this turns out to be a completely different approach. A character-driven story, which hits just the right note... not too fluffy.

The Princess in the Tower by mooners
Multi-chapter plotfic, COMPLETE.
This story builds a compelling mystery right from the first line, and several intriguing plot lines will keep the reader guessing. It's unbetaed and a little rough in places but overall a good, long casefile of the kind that's not easy to find.

Children of the Zodiac by musik34
(if the link doesn't work try pasting it in:
http://forums.fox.com/n/mb/message.asp?webtag=foxbones&msg=3020.1 )
This is a solid plotfic - always harder to find than shippy stories - with good characterization and evocative descriptions. Booth and Brennan end up in the snowy Rockies of Wyoming, and I got crystal clear images of the icy mountainside in my head - something I always appreciate in a story. Looks like the author came to fanfic a mere few months ago and when I got a look at her user info, I nearly fell off my chair seeing her age. Let's just say I don't think that many people can write this well this young, right out of the gate. The story could've benefited from a quick beta, but there're no major hickups; the plot is sound and the writing style decent.
[note: the maintainers of the fox board seem to have a weird prejudice against cussing so all the swear words look somewhat like this: sh!t, b*stard, etc... I took the time to do a search&replace before reading because, really, that'll yank me out of a story.]

Follow the Yellow Brick Road by Lexxicon
Summary: Oh, Aunti Em, there's no place like home!
A deadly scavenger hunt. 15,390 words.

The Body at the Beach by rightersblock
Romance/Mystery, B/B. Long casefile (over 70,000 words)


Refuse to Be Comforted by tesla321
part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7
A casefile with excellent characterization... the way tesla writes them, you can see and hear the characters. I love that she's bringing Caroline the lawyer back in (and the fact that Tesla knows law better than the Bones writers (presumably) doesn't hurt.)

Conversations Between Doctors and
Examinations (sequel) by tesla321
Bones/House crossover
Love the language and the sense of humour... watching Brennan and House analyze the heck out of each other is fun. Tesla has a terrific handle on Brennan. All the characters, in fact. And as much as I like the Booth/Brennan chemistry, it's nice to see her paired with someone else, just for a change.

Questions and Absences, part 2 by tesla321
Genre: "Bones"/"House" crossover, sequel to "Conversations Between Doctors" and "Examinations"
Spoilers: 3.01 of "House" and 2.01 of "Bones", but just barely.
Tesla's laconic Brennan/House stories have convinced me that those two shows are meant to be together.

Explanations by tesla321 (part II, part III); COMPLETE
“Who’s up for a nice Halloween murder?” Hodgins asked, behind the newspaper. “I am, for one. Or even a haunted house.” He dropped his sneakered feet to the rug. “We never celebrate the seasons properly.”
Angela looked at him with amusement. “We work in a lab with *dead bodies*. Every day’s Halloween.”

(Gen, 2150 words) A fun Halloween story. As with all of Tesla's fic, you can downright hear the gang's voices.
I would've liked to read a longer version of this, there's enough plot potential here.

Umbra by newscaper
Summary: Alternate ending to Servare Vitas. This is NOT a 'sequel', but an AU. WARNING: Do NOT read unless you have read the original story!
note: The first two chapters of 'Umbra' quote parts of the original story where the alternate ending branches off. The following chapters are completely new.)
Raw and bleak... really powerful writing that evokes the feelings of pain and grief when losing a loved one. Not a happy fic - but a brilliant story.

No Angel by newscaper
Spoilers: Up thru S2's 'Judas on a Pole'; 10,800 words
Summary: On Christmas Eve, Booth struggles with his feelings for the women complicating his life when an unexpected visitor forces a moment of clarity. NOT the usual holiday fluff.
This is a tense story that pulls no punches. Once more newscaper blends character development with a nail-biting plot. A tour de force for the reader, not to mention the characters. (Warning: violence)

short fic, one-shots:

O.S.O.K by meyerlemon
Summary: Booth informed us that he once went down to Guatemala to shoot a man through the heart, which is automatically intriguing. Pre-series. (O.S.O.K. means "one shot, one kill")

PostSnag Swagger by nattysuits
Summary: “No, see, she can’t be talking to me because I,” he said, hooking his thumbs under the lapels of his suit and preening, “am wearing Prada.” Oneshot. B/B
This fic put a huge grin on my face. You just gotta love nattysuits' rather original writing style and the dry, quirky humor.

Five Things responses by daydreamer
Five People Bones Has Never Met; Five Things Hodgins Lies About; Five Pop Culture References Everyone Would Be Surprised to Know Bones Actually Understands... Ensemble.
Snippets, some hilarious, some insightful, all telling a lot about the characters.

Four Things She Can't Remember (And One She Can) by daydreamer Booth/Brennan
I don't think any other challenge has spawned nearly as many good fanfics as the "Five Things" challenge has.

details in the blur by sezzie_dee
Summary: “You can’t *make* families, can’t push people together and tell them how to act, tell them to be comfortable with one another because family’s a special kind of glue that needs to be two sided to stick. You haven’t found anything worth holding you in place, not yet.”
Interesting use of second person POV... I've read very few fics where that POV didn't feel contrived, but in this story it feels like the perfect choice. Very convincing character study.

fractures (three of them) by sezzie_dee
Summary: "She wonders if wishing she could read him as easily as she does the corpses is the same as wishing he were dead." A post-traumatic deterioration. BB, angst.
A B/B fic of the different kind. I was completely drawn in by the writing.

Hit The Ground by fialka
Pairing: B/B
Raiting: Hmm...if it was a film, probably R?
Spoilers: Not really, but it kicks off after Judas on a Pole and runs through The Man and the Cell
Summary: "It occurs to him suddenly that the door, taken at face value, is perfectly indicative of Brennan's state of mind these last few weeks -- exactly halfway between wanting to keep him close and wanting to shut him out."

The Gift That Keeps on Giving by lostakasha
Pairing: A little of everything. Think of it as a swap. Or a Holiday Grab. Mix and match! Just go with it.
Rating: PG for lawn ornament death
Summary: Cam hosts her first holiday party for the Forensic Anthropology staff, and Jack brings the alcohol. No good can come of it... but as long as somebody comes, who cares?
Now we know why Hodgins wasn't allowed to bring his own booze to the Jeffersonian Christmas party.
Crack of the very best kind. Drinking while reading this may be hazardous to your keyboard.

Like I'd Shop At Hallmark by lostakasha
Booth/Hodgins is about the most unlikely slash pairing I can imagine for this show, mostly due to Booth's supreme straightness... but in this ficlet lostakasha makes it fly. I completely bought the scenario and the writing is just gorgeous.

Lilly and the Jack of Hearts by lostakasha
Pairing: Jack/Angela, OC (primary), m/m, f/f implied
Rating: PG-13

Pictionary by koalathebear
Notes: Set at an unspecified time during season 2. Brennan's introduced to the mysterious complexities of Pictionary and Booth learns that it's a mistake to play Pictionary with the Squint Squad - especially Brennan. Or maybe not. Gen, Rating: G

冥婚 Ming Hun by koalathebear
Characters: Brennan/Booth, Squint Squad, Parker, original character
2,260 words; Rating: PG; Warning: Character deaths
Spoilers for The Boneless Bride In The River
Given the subject matter one would think this would be creepy, or depressing, but it's not. Instead I found it genuinely touching.
Still, it can't hurt to have a happy, fluffy story to read afterwards. ;)

Broken Promises by koalathebear (Bones/House crossover)
Set some time after The Girl in the Graft, Spoilers for that ep; 1,575 words; Rating: G
I've watched only a few episodes of 'House' but I thought the character was very recognizable.

Rain From a Clear Sky by sweptawaybayou'
Seeley Booth; pre-Bones; NC/17
Evocative and haunting.

Among my Brothers by tesla321 (pre-series "Bones")
Rated: R for language and violence, m/m implied.
A/N: a remix of sweptawaybayou's "Rain From A Clear Sky", which was m/m and NC-17.
Just as incredible as sweptawaybayou's original story - an utterly convincing and realistic glimpse at Booth's past.

I found it fascinating to read both fics in tandem, and see how two authors approach the same theme completely differently.

Applications by tesla321
The banter is spot on, and the x-files references put a big smile on my face. 1,360 words

Conversation in a Diner by tesla321
Spoilers: Immediately after 2.01 (The Titan On the Tracks)
Short Booth/Brennan missing scene that simply nails the characters. The dialog couldn't be more spot-on.

Ties That Bind by tesla321
Lighthearted Booth/Angela fic. 1,600 words

Front Seat by dsudis
Pairing/Characters: Booth/Brennan, Cam; Rating: PG; Word Count: 635
Summary: It really isn't what it looks like.
Hee hee. Ok, I can't describe this fic properly without spoiling it, you gotta go and read for yourselves. :o)

Wednesday Afternoon by dsudis
Gen. Booth, Brennan. G. 900 words.
Booth and Brennan meet for lunch on Wednesday, February 21, 2007.

Show and Tell by dsudis
Booth/Brennan. PG. 1300 words.
Summary: He speaks in metaphors, and she answers in bones.

Seeley Booth's Bones by dsudis
They're good, sturdy, solid bones. They would have lasted Booth another forty years easily.
Sad... but not in that depressing way. I'm trying to find a more eloquent description than "Wow."

On Ice by dsudis

Precision and Distance by carmen_sandiego
Spoilers: None specific. This is set generally in the context of Season Two. PG. 6,000 words, BB
Summary: This is for the onebedficathon.
Fresh take on an old fanfic cliché, and very much in character.

Mirror by carmen_sandiego
Spoilers: Through "The Man in the Cell."
Summary/Notes: It would be easier if there were scars.
A brief post-ep piece, Camille-centric, some Camille/Booth.

Four seasons of denial and disbelief by indigo_baby
Summary: A year in the deterioration of Booth and Bones friendship. Yes. Angst.
Pairing: B&B; Rating: PG for the occasional curse, Spoilers: AU after probably ep 2:14

A unique take on their relationship. Watching it deteriorate is downright painful, yet fascinating in its inevitability.

Rearview by yhlee
Booth & Angel; Bones/AtS crossover; beautiful style. 3,000 words

A Private Man by ralkana
(Booth&Brennan gen) A delightfully subtle, restrained ficlet. The story is happening between the lines.

Introspection by ralkana
Convincing and insightful take on Booth's character.

Mirage by leni_ba
"B/B with some A/H in between. PG"
A quirky fic written from Angela's POV...and her bubbly personality shines through. It's about Booth/Brennan, at least that's what Angela thinks.

Booth/Brennan: One Sentence Challenge II by leni_ba
50 sentences... The difference with the last one, is that in this one B/B is an official pairing. Some spoilers for Season One, here and there, but it's mostly future 'maybe, perhaps, who knows?' stuff. No Season Two Spoilers

Flashback by crazywritinfool
I've been surprised from the start by how 'Bones' and AtS don't really cross over all that well. Mostly, I think, because to me Booth and Angel are completely different characters with only superficial similarities. But anyway, this is a crossover ficlet I found convincing and intriguing.

Expectations by landrews
Challenge reply. Booth and Jack in the mini-Cooper.
I love the writing style and the mood of the story. Very convincing Booth voice.

8 Simple Rules for Dating Dr Temperance Brennan by krys33
Neat little ficlet, well structured and funny, with great timing. B/B

B/B One Sentence Challenge by raphaela667
Quite an interesting concept. 50 single sentences... which in this case tell a full story. Challenge reply.

South of Santa Fe by joliesse43
Summary: Booth and Bones spend an extra day in Santa Fe when remains are discovered in an arroyo. Brennan’s determination and the legend of La Llorona lead to an eerie encounter and a confession about beliefs. MAY CBPC challenge reply; Rating: K; Words: 3,851
I like this one a lot... creepy and very atmoshperic.

Over The Edge by labsquint
Summary: What will happen when a suspect tries to pull Brennan off the top of a 20 story office building? Will Booth be able to get to her in time? BB friendship and connection.
4,485 words, complete

Trail of Breadcrumbs by SkylaraK
Summary: CBPC May. Booth and Brennan find something very odd in the woods. one-shot

Of Squints and Vampires by shealynn88 (Angel/Bones crossover)
Summary: When a demon that's not quite dead gets shipped to the Jeffersonian, it's up to Angel to keep it from killing again. Humor. 2600 words; Characters: Angel, Brennan, Wes, Cordelia; Spoilers: none. General knowledge of the shows is it.

Once Upon A Crime Scene by teaphile
Written for the "A Picture is Worth 1000 Words" Challange: The Four Seasons. Authors will choose a season, and receive a picture based on that. Then has to write a story of exactly 1000 words in return.

Of Confessions and Silences by like_electric
Spoilers: The Truth In The Lye
Summary: Booth tells Brennan about Cam. Short One-shot.

Disgusted by simple__man
cute dialog piece. One-shot

Roll Credits by lone astronomer / merrymeerkat
Summary: Angela would be turning in her grave. BrennanHodgins with a smattering of Hodgela and Semperance.
Unusual ficlet. A very bleak - and fascinating - glimpse at a possible future.

No Sign of Life by atrosie
A Halloween story... I found it genuinely creepy.

When UST Goes Wild by damnskippytoo
Summary: Bones has a gun and this is why she really shouldn’t. Character death (it’s okay, you probably won’t care).
Parody. Heh.

Jewels by newbatgirl
Summary: Everything about her screams practicality. Except her jewelry. Short.
Beautiful, quite original character study.

Knight in Dented Armor by hematitebadger
Summary: Booth's quiet night in is interrupted after Zack starts a bar fight. No, really. Gen; Booth, Zack, Angela, Brennan

Give And Take by entrenous88
short Booth & Zack piece with pitch-perfect dialog.

Researching Booth by spikendru
amusing, in-character Booth/Angela story

Want To Screw Up by voleuse
short ensemble fic; neat structure

post-eps and ficlets:

Two ficlets, both very short, both with very good insight into the characters:
Can't Be Saved by plazmah
Summary: Brennan takes a somewhat harsh and introspective look at her relationship with Booth, and what the two of them are inevitably heading towards.
Booth/Brennan; Rating: G; vignette

Things Unsaid by plazmah
Summary: A look at the thoughts running through Booth's head after Brennan rescues him.
Brennan/Booth; G; vignette

Analysis and Demonstration by sor_bet
Hodgins/Zack; PG. slashy, funny, in-character vignette. The ending cracked me up.

The Futile Fight by Pereybere
Summary: Cullen’s Bullpen Entry – Brennan suffers the effects of being buried underground, and tries to find sleep through exercise. BB-centric. post AITC

Pedestal by newscaper
Summary: Booth thanks Hodgins for helping save Bones and gets something to think about. Hodgins POV. BB post AITC

Claustrophobia by MintExpresso
Comments: Kind of a stream-of-consciousness double-drabble one-shot. (Say that five times fast…) Hope you enjoy! post AITC

Happy Christmas (War is Over) by starlet2367
Summary: Brennan finds family. post-ep for 'The Man in the Fallout Shelter'. 1,500 words

Restless by landrews
Summary: Seeley Booth is restless.
Post-TBITL; 1,500 words. Character study.
Two Bodies In The Lab has spawned a ginormous number of fic - this is by far my favourite. Restrained, insightful, well-written, and very true to the character.

Hot Blooded by Jillybean
Another post-TBITL vignette. The dialogue is so spot on that I could hear the voices while reading.

Magic by houses_on_fire
Of the many, many 'Two Bodies in the Lab' post-eps, this one stood out to me. Vignette

Temptation by ralkana
drabble, post "The Soldier on the Grave"

Drabbles by ralkana
I'm usually more a fan of the long, plotty fic but Ralkana manages to say a whole lot in very few lines. Very economic, beautiful style.

The Man in the Mirror by landrews
short but insightful Booth & Brennan character study

Bones ficlets by yhlee
Zack; Buffy/Bones xover

Social Studies by Frogboy Lives
squint squad drabble

Prayer by joyfulfeather
Summary: An unexpected question; a late night conversation.

Ficlet by tesla321
Summary: Just a short conversation between Booth and Angela

an untitled AU fic fragment by skoosiepants
just a bit of insanity; don't say I didn't warn ya ;)


Cops by seekingwords Song: Bad Boys by Inner Circle
I haven't found many Bones vids I like yet; I'm just not much for romantic vids which seem to pose the majority at the moment. This one's on the funny side. Great timing, too.

Skullcrusher Mountain by froggimus_rex
Spoilers: up to 202 - Mother and Child in the Bay
Summary: Can the love between a hapless FBI agent and a crazed forensic anthropologist, her assistant and loyal henchpeople, and a monkey-pony monster make it in this world?
'Bones' is a funny show... why aren't there more funny vids?
[note: looks like the current upload links have expired, but froggimus_rex offers to re-upload when poked. The smaller, embedded version listed there is still up.]


WeeBones comic #26
I love all of the weebones strips, but this one's got a special je ne sais... ah, you gotta read it for yourselves.


The Bones of an Angel, part 2, by riani1 (Angel/Bones xover)
Summary: Two mysterious figures have infiltrated the forensics lab at the Jeffersonian, looking for a mysterious body

Undercover by spikendru (Bones/BtVS/AtS Crossover, 8 chapters up)
Summary: A figure from Booth's past suddenly shows up in Washington, DC. Dealing with his past may be more difficult than Booth originally believes, once Angela gets involved.
I love spikeNdru's Buffyverse/Bones crossovers. This story brings together a bunch of characters from all three shows, and watching it all unfold is fun!

This Often Silent Place by E.Stevens (2 ch. up)
Summary: Booth, Brennan and the art of disappearing.
The setup is intriguing; the feeling of paranoia and tension translate nicely through the page. Good character voices too, great banter. So far there are only two chapters, but the third is being written and the author says she's got the fic already mapped out.

Written In Bone by mintexpresso (WIP, 4 chapters up)
The key to a young woman's murder lies in her stories, and Temperance struggles to write her own. Casefile.
I love casefiles, and this one is off to a great start, very well written.

Bad Deposit by Nattysuits [eta: chapter 5 is up]
Summary: A new lead takes Temperance Brennan closer to her father and Max Keenan’s dangerous past too close to his daughter.
I'm a bit wary of rec'ing WIP, particularly one that's barely started... but the writing here is really that good. The style made me fall in love with this story right away. Spot-on voices, quirky sense of humour, a plot that's shaping up to be quite exciting. I hope this one will be updated frequently.

Red Fish, Blue Fish by lone astronomer / merrymeerkat [eta: chapter 12 is up]
Summary: The star witness in a ten million dollar fraud case goes missing from Witness Protection. Three months later, a body turns up at a construction site wearing her clothes. She just happens to be three inches too short....

Hubris and Humility by bellwings: ch.9 added (previous parts at the bottom of the post)

Driving by mispel [eta: ch. 4 is up]
Booth takes Zack for a drive, Zack drives Booth crazy. BoothZack slash. Booth/Zack.
Okay, see, my Booth is (unlike his vampire alter ego) straight as a board... but this story works well, I thought. It's amusing and the author just nailed Zack. (I'm talking about the dialog.)

First Sight (part 1, complete) by magpie_quills
Witness (part 2, WIP) [eta: part 2 looks abandoned, unfortunately]
Summary: Zack and Angela attend a conference in L.A. where Zack manages to get himself into trouble.
magpie_quills gives the best Zack I've read since entrenous88's 'Give and Take'; everyone's in character, the plot is really well done. I could see this play out on the screen.

Her Biggest Fan by mizzzbonesfan
casefile, 1 chapter so far [eta: hasn't been updated since October]

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I've been searching for decent Bones fics all day and am so pleased I stumbled upon your post. You've made my day! :0)

I'm pleased you find it useful! Have fun digging through the list. :)

I spent this weekend watching s1 of Bones and I'm so glad to find a resource for fic recs. Thanks!

thankyou ssoooo much for posting this! I'm quite new to reading fanfics, I have been searching every where for decent Bones fanfics! your the greatest and your effort is muchly appreciated! ♥ xxxx

Thanks so much for your kind comment. It takes a while to type these up, so it's always great to know that people actually find them useful.

You might also want to check out makd's journal - she posts Bones recs on a regular basis (they're flocked though; you'd have to be over 18 and ask her to add her to her posting filter.)

oh and by the way, you're an amazing, extremely talented artist! and I'm glad that you befriended me back! *kisses*

Thanks for this! Adding to memories. Keep meaning to do one of my own :)

Glad you find them useful.

Keep meaning to do one of my own :)

Definitely a good idea. :) There's one fandom in need of a decent recs network...

omygoodness.... all i can say is thank you so so so much for posting this ficrec. i had given up finding good bones stories on ff.net after having no success but my god how do you people find these wonderful stories! i just looked at the list and picked from the first few and started rding "Servare Vitas" and my goodness that story is wonderful. it made me cry. thanks for sharing !

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I've spent the last couple days immersed in Bones because of it. :D

Yay. Happy to hear that. :)

Thank you for posting this! I'm familiar with some of the stuff posted at FF.net, but many of the LJ entries are new to me. Off to reading!

I just recently went into Bones overload, especially with the new season and all, but I am SO happy I stumbled across this. XD I'm busy tackling the long stories first (i prefer those to the shorter ones), but I plan on going through all the categories when I can. ^^

...and those House/Brennan ones sound very interesting...I've always thought those two shows could crossover well, if done right...XD Though my BB fangirl heart feels like I'm betraying it with those thoughts. XD

Bones and House cross over quite nicely. After reading Tesla's fic, I would really love to see Brennan and House interact on the screen. They have great hypothetical chemistry. :)

*mouth falls open*

Holy mother of God!


Heh. 'tis my pleasure, I'm glad if my recs are useful.

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thanks so much for this! I've been searching for a Bones rec list for a while now!

I owe you infinitely for reccing "Servare Vitas" (I love Tom Clancy, but think this fic is better in a few ways... should probably let the author know!). Also... do you know if bellwings has updated "Hubris and Humility" past Ch9? I can't find it anywhere.

You rock for this gargantuan list.

I'm always happy to hear that my recs are useful. (And yeah, please let newscaper know that you enjoyed Servare Vitas, I'm sure he'll love the feedback, too!)

(Sorry, I've been out of touch with Bones fandom for the last couple years so I don't know any news about bellwings' WIP.)

Thanks for commenting. :)

Found this link through google, but wanted to say thanks for the recs because I have been looking for good novel length fics in this fandom for ages but had no idea where to start.

I'm glad my list is still useful. :)

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Excellent, I'm happy to see this post is still useful. Thanks for commenting.

These are all excellent recs. Might I also recommend Boothaddict77. She's relatively new to the fic writing scene, but the two on-going stories she has going on are amazing.
Here are the links:
AU.14-year-old Tempe Brennan,recently abandoned by her parents,moves into a new home with her brother&his friend.Ofcourse,the young man they will be sharing a roof with is none other than Seeley Booth.The summary isn't very convincing,but give it a try
Bones - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 14 - Words: 74,960 - Reviews: 285 - Updated: 8-14-12 - Published: 1-22-12 - S. Booth & T. Brennan

and for Don't Call It Bones:
Seeley Booth&Temperance Brennan are actors who have recently landed lead roles in the new TV show,Bones.They meet on set for the first time.Sparks fly&egos clash.Full summary inside&in my profile info.Give it a shot.What's the worst that could happen?
Extended summary:
[AU.Although Booth and Brennan still have the best chemistry to grace the (small, big or off) screen]

Seeley Booth and Temperance Brennan are actors. He's the ultimate teen heartthrob all grown up, riding a wave of success after starring in a number of films and a popular tv show about vampires; she's a young broadway starlet looking to make a foray into television. They have both been cast as leads in the new television show, Bones. Yes, he's handsome and she's beautiful...and no, this is not a story about Emily and David.(Although I might make some allusions to both their careers). I know it sounds a bit ridiculous, but give it a shot. The other cast members will make an appearance as well-Dr. Daniel Goodman, director of the new series; Cam Saroyan, the producer; Jack Hodgins, Booth's agent and publicist; Angela Montenegro, artist, singer, matchmaker extraordinaire, and Brennan's best friend. Don't worry, we'll see Zach, too. Can't promise anything on Sweets. Sorry, but his shrink-speak and gun-toting are pissing me off right now. However, you can look forward to meeting Gordon Gordon Wyatt, everyone's personal chef and confidante, known for handing out the most delicious food and advice)

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