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astridv's Journal

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Mild-mannered illustrator by day, fanartist by night. This journal is mainly for posting fanart and recs. Sometimes I babble about my life. Once in a blue moon some meta may pop out.

fanart (Stargate: Atlantis, Angel, Fullmetal Alchemist, Leverage, The X-Files, Bones)

Fanart Master Post - graphic novels, short comics, and oneshots

about this journal

linking: I'm fine with anyone linking to this journal, or any unlocked entry within. As far as I'm concerned if it's unlocked, it's public and fair game. (Just don't mention this journal in connection with my name if you happen to know it.)
*Note: please don't upload any of my fanart or original art to other sites (like tumblr) without permission.*

friending: I'm trying to keep my friends list at a manageable size; please don't be offended if I don't friend back. Almost all of my posts are public. Feel free to friend, de-friend, and re-friend this journal as you like, no need to ask first.

allergies: rye pollen, milk, and character bashing. I believe that character bashing is genuinely harmful and poisonous, not least because it's usually the female characters who bear the brunt of it. Same goes for the overuse of the dreaded term 'Mary Sue'. In general I'm absolutely unwilling to defend the gals and get dragged into a lengthy argument every time I just want to have a moment of squee and talk about a woman in fiction I love.

eta: and no, I don't at all believe that bashing male characters is the answer.

(No interesting female characters, my ass)

fanfic: My guilty pleasure. Except without the guilt. I love longish genfic, but if well written, I'll read pretty much any genre (with the exception of RPF; won't touch that with a ten foot pole).

fic recs

Leverage - fic and vid recs - master post
SGA - main recs list
Bones - main recs list
NCIS - part 1

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