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Shield fic recs (and 1 Avengers rec)

A Walk in the Park by AlphaFlyer
Gen; Clint Barton & Maria Hill; spies & secret agents; 1410 words
Summary: Clint Barton has complaints, and a job to do; Maria Hill has a ringside seat.

Vulnerable Mind by Athelassa
Gen; Grant Ward & team; mission gone wrong/action/hurt/comfort; WIP, 8551 words
Summary:“Look,” Coulson said with a frown, “I’m the director, I make the decisions. This is a mission that suits Ward’s qualities perfectly.”
Oh yes, right. There was primarily one quality that predestined him for this mission.
“I get it, Coulson,” Ward threw in with a smirk of false bravado. “I’m expendable.”

(baby you're) super by SafelyCapricious
Biospecialist; very AU; superheroes & supervillains/humor/crack; 2943 words
Summary: They give him what amount to super powers and then they try to brainwash him. Needless to say, it doesn’t stick. He has to hand it to whoever in HYDRA’s upper echelon decided on the order of the procedure.

Surprisingly not angsty, given the subject matter.

The only exception (is where the lines overlap) by Poetgirl925
Skyeward; AU; spies & secret agents/action/UST; 20700 words
(part 3 of The Head and the Heart series)
Summary: Skye and Ward continue to build on their working relationship as they both try to ignore the attraction that still simmers between them. Skye's first field mission doesn't go as planned, and Grant realizes that Skye is a dangerous exception to his hard rules.

Important words (you understand it's love the first time you say "no") by Matarreyes
Skyeward; epilogue; 3369 words
(part 3 of the Who they become (always depended only on them) series)
Summary: He'd be content to leave the past well enough alone. Forget his time with John, forget his time with Coulson, live just the present. Too bad that Skye is under some strange conviction that if she makes enough balancing, she'll convince Coulson and Grant to play along. It'll never work, he knows, because half of the hate on Coulson's part is subconscious seething about the fact that Grant took Skye away from him.

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fic recs, various fandoms

While I wait for the guests to arrive so we can EAT (I'm so hungry), I'm sorting through my bookmarks for some end-of-year fic recs.

The Most Adequate Christmas Ever by igrockspock (Avengers)
Tony/Pepper, Nat/Clint; humor; 3481 words
Summary: It's December twenty-third, and Tony has figured out absolutely nothing about Christmas.

Hide by [tumblr.com profile] smalltownethics
(AKA The 5 times Skye thinks of and/or almost meets Grant and the one time they meet face to face)
Summary: Hiding seemed to be something she did a lot.

The Devil’s in the Details by moodycactus
Fitz/Ward; AU: canon divergence; Explicit; 6039 words
Summary: This fic takes place after Ward’s escape, only he returns to collect Fitz. He claims he wants to ‘fix’ Fitz but can Fitz trust him? Fitz gets caught up in Ward’s plan and Ward gets more than he bargained for. Describe the fic without spoilers: Like an ep of “White Collar/Burn Notice” with a dash of the film “Shame”.

And a vid...

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Avengers fic rec

The Map by CloudAtlas and Crazy4Orcas
Gen w/ hint of Clintasha; 2261 words

Summary: Written for the prompt: You know how people have pinboard or sticker maps with all the places they've been marked with coloured pins? And maybe places they want to go? Clint and Natasha have a map, which started out as a joke and was on the wall of Coulson's office or a SHIELD break room, but has migrated to the Avenger's Tower or elsewhere... Anyway, they have this map. With all the places they've been shot, stabbed, fallen from high places, fake married someone, fake married each other, been arrested, broken out of jail, been banned by that country's government, been banned from going to again by Fury...

Insert amusing conversations and/or incidents.

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Rec of the day

Three Times The Team Nearly Blew Their Cover (And One Time They Did That Themselves) by [archiveofourown.org profile] andacus
Nat/Clint and Tony, Thor, Hulk; romance/humor/undercover as a couple; teen; 3456 words
Summary: Three (of the many, many) times The Avengers didn't think before acting and caused Clint and Natasha more trouble than they needed. And one time they almost blew their own cover (wink wink, nudge nudge).

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