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rec(s) of the day

The Unusuals rec:
second squad, this is delahoy, be advised by [archiveofourown.org profile] TLvop
Gen; Delahoy & team; rated teen; warning: character death; 1669 words
Summary: Everyone has to die.
Delahoy wishes it wasn't such a big fucking deal.

I almost didn't read this fic but in the end I'm glad I did. A really beautiful story... sad, but bittersweet, and perfectly in character.

and for something happier:
In the Belly of the Bus by [archiveofourown.org profile] toucanpie
Summary: A series of snapshots from the team's first few months together.
Gen; characters: Fitz, Skye, Ward, May; Hill, Simmons; G; 3254 words
"If we don't make it out of this alive, then Fitz, I want you to know there's something I always meant to tell you."
"Guys," Grant said. "Guys, it's a training exercise."

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Rec(s) of the day, Yuletide edition

I've been gorging on Yulefic all day! Is there a better way to spend Christmas day? I think not.
First batch o' recs:
Golly, What A Day (The Unusuals)
Gen, team/casefic; teen; 2642 words
Summary: Second squad, this is dispatch. Be on the lookout for a group of thieves dressed as Disney characters. If they break into song, be sure to get video for YouTube before you arrest them.

Just another day at the 2nd...

The In-between (Shield)
Gen; Ward, May, FitzSimmons; h/c/team bonding; rated G; 1736 words
Summary: It is said that a team's interaction is best seen in the time after the operation has finished, but before the extraction and their return to base.

In which the others have Ward's back in the field.

Mascot (Shield)
Gen; team; teen; 3814 words
Summary: "And every good team needs a mascot.” She bites her tongue to keep in the thought that comes on its heels—that every good family needs a pet.
In which Skye adopts an orphaned dog, much to the varying delight and chagrin of her teammates.

eta: why is this text blue??

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Rec of the day / tag filters on AO3

First things first: There's finally a reliable method to filter out pairings on AO3! The method doesn't rely on text string search, so you don't end up filtering out stories accidentally. Instead it filters by tag id.
This post explains how it's done. I also installed the "ao3 saved filters" userscript suggested in the post, and now I have a conveniently searchable archive. For example, thanks to that script "Clint Barton/Phil Coulson" is filtered out globally in my searches - which means it also doesn't appear on the pages for Mission Impossible. However, stories that list "Clint Barton, Phil Coulson" still show up.
(Thanks to [personal profile] ratcreature for the heads-up)

The Unusuals fic rec:
Just Another Jewellery Store Heist Gone Wrong by [archiveofourown.org profile] BlackEyedGirl
Gen; Shraeger, Walsh; Hijinks & Shenaningans; teen; 1134 words
Summary: "Second squad, this is dispatch. I don’t want to alarm anyone, but I hope you brought your broadswords to work this morning."

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rec(s) of the day

Really interesting for Wire fans: The Wire S4 Behind the scenes - It's all connected
(In 3 parts on Youtube, ~30 min, major spoilers for all seasons!)

A fun Unusuals/Avengers crossover (in which Hawkeye and Walsh are not the same person):
Substitutions may change the flavor profile by [archiveofourown.org profile] daroos
Gen; Walsh, Clint & various; crossover/slightly cracky; 13771 words
Summary: When Clint is kidnapped, the Avengers need a quick substitute for their resident snark machine. Or, the time Detective Walsh got guilt tripped by Captain America into pretending to be his brother.
Walsh looked very earnestly at Steve. “This is a terrible idea. I am having difficulty telling you how bad an idea this is.”
“The Avengers need a Hawkeye right now. You’re the option.”
“I am a cop.” The vehemence in Walsh’s voice caused Steve to rock back on the diner stool. “I will get someone killed if you parade me out as being Hawkeye. I am not...” He shook his head and glared. “No.”

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Rec of the day

belated Unusuals YuleRec: A Virtual Pandemic by [archiveofourown.org profile] swmbo
Shraeger/Walsh, Delahoy&Banks, Alvarez, Brown; romance/quirk; teen; 2195 words
“Seriously? You’re wearing a surgical mask now? Why - why would you do that? Just feel like it complements the kevlar?”
“There is a swine flu outbreak! Do you even know what that means? In 1918, the swine flu created a pandemic. People died. Lots of people died. Everyone always dismisses influenza like it’s just a severe cold but it’s not. It’s deadly. Deadly. As in, not something to mess around with. I actually got enough for everyone in the department, who knows what Walsh exposed us to.”

The AO3 tag for this show is so disappointing when you're not into Avengers fusions. And next Yuletide is far away... (which is OTOH a good thing because I got my fill of winter. But I'm getting fic withdrawal.)

The eps are currently up on youtube btw, grab'em while you can.

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rec(s) of the day

The Wire: short film for a bit of Omar backstory, part of the S5 DVDs: Omar Little As A Shorty - Baltimore, 1985 (1:50 min)

This was the best Yuletide for Unusuals fans! Here's a Walsh/Shraeger partnership fic I much enjoyed.

In which Casey tries to get her partner to open up. Also, boats.
Things I'm Learning About You by [archiveofourown.org profile] aliassmith
Gen; Walsh & Shraeger friendship; genre: buddy cops; 2303 words
Summary: “Look, there are absolutely no underlying motives here, just good old fashioned bonding. Here, I’ll even go first. I am deathly allergic to peas.”
Walsh laughs because he really is an asshole. “Peas? No one’s allergic to peas.”

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Rec of the day

Go As You Aren't Day by [archiveofourown.org profile] eli
Summary: Wherein a mother really is the best protector, a brilliant crime boss proves everyone is dumb, and we find out how many detectives it takes to tie a bow tie.
Ensemble (with bg Jason/Allison, Casey/Davis); genre: buddy cops/undercover work; rated G; 3577 words

(Here, by the way, is an official trailer for the show I found on Youtube. The picture quality is not the best (okay, lousy) but it gives a pretty good overall impression.)

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Rec of the day

Forty-Two by [archiveofourown.org profile] knitmeapony (The Unusuals/Warehouse 13)
Summary: In which Eric Delahoy calls an old buddy from the ATF to look into his partner's curse
Gen; characters: Delahoy, Banks, Donovan, Jinks; supernatural mystery/buddy cops; 1512 words
"But you're a federal agent." He squinted as she nodded. "And you're what, twelve?"
She swung her feet to the ground and sat up so she could give him a bit of an evil eye. "And you're what, forty-two?"
"Hey, look, that's not funny..."

I thought this worked really well as a crossover, and I don't even know Warehouse 13!

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